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Stodo is a hyper-local on-demand delivery service bringing the big city experience to small towns and suburbs.

Stodo is a hyper-local on-demand delivery service bringing the big city experience to small towns and suburbs.


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Consumer Products, Goods & Services

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Naugatuck, Connecticut

Stodo is bringing the ease and convenience of living in a big city out to the suburbs. They are a “hyper-local on-demand delivery service” that delivers fast food, beverages, dry cleaning, groceries, or whatever else you can think of directly to your home, even if you live in a small town. You’re also connected with a real human being when you order, so there’s no confusion either. So far, Stodo has completed over 4,000 orders in a test market that earns $15,000 or more below its state’s median income, showing that this service is in demand for everyone -- not just those with large disposable incomes. They believe there are roughly 30,000 markets that would support a company like Stodo, and, with the long-term goal of using autonomous cars and solar powered robotics to maximize delivery efficiencies, they’ve selected target cities in Canada and Europe they hope to pursue in the next 24 months.
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Founder Profile

Founder Profile: Conquering The Suburban Last-Mile Dilemma

At time of publication, May 25, Stodo had raised $47K, surpassing its $10K minimum

Many urban city goers like myself have become accustomed to services like UberEats and GrubHub to easily snag our favorite meals in minutes. Almost anything we can think of, we can get in an effortless way with on demand services. But the reality is there are thousands of suburban towns out there, where the like of UberEats and GrubHub have no interest in being at this stage because the market opportunities aren’t exciting enough to invest in.

Does that mean that families living in the burbs wouldn’t like to have their groceries or favorite pizza or alcohol delivered to their door? Absolutely not, it just means these major corporations don’t see enough early returns in it for them to want to go after it.

That is where Stodo comes in. They are becoming the on-demand delivery service for suburban towns, and are proving that they can win big with little dollars. I see an incredibly interesting opportunity for this team to become winners in an underserved portion of the on-demand market.

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