Style Station

Style Station

Early Stage

Style Station is a beauty and fashion omni-channel platform.

Style Station is a beauty and fashion omni-channel platform.


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Apparel & Fashion

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West Hollywood, California

From YouTube videos for makeup tips, to online articles about clothing trends, to salons for the latest hairstyles, it can be exhausting to stay up to date with the fashion and beauty world. However, now there’s something to save the day -- the style day, that is.

Welcome to Style Station -- the one-stop-style-shop. It’s where everyday people can get celebrity style experience with trade secrets from the industry’s professionals. It’s a multi-platform fashion tech company that provides content creation, retail, celebrity style services, beauty and fashion trade secrets, and style education. Everything is curated by top Stylemakers, or the people creating the fashion trends in today’s world. Style Station also hosts live events and pop-ups, giving users a physical-digital (or “phygital”) customer experience and shopping journey. Their goal is to get to know you, and then guide you on how to maximize your own personal style to be the best possible you that you can be.

The global women’s wear is a $620 billion industry, and the global cosmetics market is estimated to reach $675 billion by 2020. The United States is the the largest cosmetics market in the world, and its total revenue is expected to exceed $62 billion in 2016. With its multiple revenue streams, Style Station estimates the potential size of their obtainable market to be over $90 million online, with another expected $40 million through launching its first brick and mortar Style Centers. These Centers will offer beauty bar-style services, wardrobe styling, fashion rentals, and workshops.

Style Station’s target audience of millennials, Gen X’rs, and Gen Z’rs all extremely fashion conscious and tech savvy. They’re also all between the ages of 12-44 years old, giving Style Station a huge base group to start -- and grow -- with.

With its unparalleled consumer experience, and nothing else in the market like it, Style Station can take you “wear” you want to go. With Style Station, anywhere can become a red carpet, and you can strut your stuff with confidence, ferocity, and -- of course -- with style.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
In addition to the style savvy millennials, Gen X’rs, and Gen Z’rs, Style Station also appeals to early adopters of new lifestyle technology, novice fashionistas, and consumers who don’t live near “fashion hub” cities. Style Station is styling a fashion revolution, and they’re planning to be the “phygital” future of beauty. By investing in this company today, you might just be growing both your style potential and your bank account -- all at the same time.
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