If you’re familiar with the KingsCrowd website, you may notice that all of our analysts incorporate similar metrics when evaluating startups actively crowdfunding. Specifically, these five metrics include market size, competitive differentiation, founder experience, terms, and business model. Every KingsCrowd evaluation includes one or more of these metrics, as we believe they adequately predict company success, especially at an early stage.

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down each of these metrics in our education pieces, beginning with market size. We firmly believe that evaluating the market size and fit of a company is crucial to determining success at both the early and late stages of development. 


As you may notice, there are some minor differences in the way we evaluate early and late stage companies. For the most part, crowdfunding startups belong in the early stage category, which is why we will break down those 5 metrics in the weeks to come. For a refresher on the different startup stages, specifically early stage companies that we qualify as Pre-seed and Seed in the graphic above, check out our recent education piece “The Startup Stages.”


We at KingsCrowd believe these metrics can help make the most informed investment decisions and can help you to understand what our analysts look for when evaluating and recommending companies. Many of our Top Deals have a large addressable market, differentiate from competitors in some way, are led by founders with industry and founding experience, have solid terms, and finally, a scalable business model.


Stay tuned as we break down each into more detail in the coming weeks!