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True Gault

True Gault

Early Stage

We use 3D imaging via your iPhone to create gorgeous shoes, made to fit

We use 3D imaging via your iPhone to create gorgeous shoes, made to fit


Raised this Round: Raised: $79,925

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RegCF    Open SEC Filing

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Apparel & Fashion

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Victor, New York

Who Should Be Interested:
Do you find your heels uncomfortable? If yes, you’re in good company -- 90% of women out there do too! For those of you who wear heels, whether it’s daily in the office or a few times a year for special events, True Gault is the investment for you. Their proprietary technology creates designer-style, custom-sized heels that are comfortable and gorgeous. It’s a True (Gault) win-win!

The Company:
True Gault is tired of seeing women sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to heels, and they’re here to redefine how women buy their shoes. Their proprietary fit-formula uses 3D scanning to capture the exact shape and measurements of an individual’s foot to create a unique 3D model. They can then make a shoe for you to fit that model exactly. It no longer matters if your feet are different sizes, in between sizes, or anything else -- True Gault will make sure you have shoes that fit comfortably and stylishly. All you have to do is download their app, scan your feet, and then shop their collection to pick out your next heels. Their direct-to-consumer retail allows them to keep their luxury shoes at affordable prices, too. Plus, the comfort and look is so fabulous that 30% of customers are repeats, and Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Magazine and a Project Runway judge, has signed on as an advisor. True Gault truly offers it all - style, comfort, and gorgeous heels.

The Bottom Line:
True Gault is changing the way women think about shoes, one foot at a time. With the ability to scale into other shoe types, as well as develop kids’ shoes, and men’s shoes too, True Gault’s shoe closet of possibilities is endless. Now you can have your heels….and your comfort, too.
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