Unlimited Tomorrow

Unlimited Tomorrow

Early Stage

A New Model In Artificial Limbs.

A New Model In Artificial Limbs.


Raised this Round: Raised: $883,964

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Convertible Note

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RegCF / RegD 506(c)    Open SEC Filing

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Tech Sector


Fort Collins, Colorado

Who Should Be Interested:
If you, or someone you know, uses or needs artificial limbs, then Unlimited Tomorrow could be the investment you’ve been waiting for. They provide amputees with affordable, advanced artificial limbs, and their technology allows them to reach millions of people around the world -- even in remote and underprivileged areas.

The Company:
Unlimited Tomorrow is here to change the way we think about artificial limbs. They’ve combined 3D scanning, 3D printing, and machine learning to create next-generation artificial limbs that are affordable, accessible, and customized for people. Plus, their limbs are available for amputees around the world. By providing low-cost 3D scanners and computers for digital mapping, prosthetic limbs can be printed utilizing a network of global 3D printers, meaning that people everywhere can benefit. Unlimited Tomorrow’s first device was developed at B87, Microsoft’s “black ops” prototyping lab, where Easton LaChapelle, Unlimited Tomorrow’s CEO and Founder, was invited to work. Microsoft and Unlimited Tomorrow then placed their first limb on Momo, a 10-year old girl, in June 2017. LaChapelle also worked at NASA on the Robonaut project, where he developed a new tele-robotic interface and shared his story in a TED talk. Additionally, he’s received monetary and strategic support from Tony Robbins, including $150,000.

The Bottom Line:
Modern prosthetic devices can range from $30,000 to $100,000, and they often feel and look artificial. Unlimited Tomorrow’s limbs, on the other hand, cost just $5,000, are personalized for each person, and look and feel like the real deal. They even use haptic feedback to provide a real sense of touch. With Unlimited Tomorrow, amputees can truly face their future -- with unlimited possibilities.
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