Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary

Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary

Early Stage

At Long Last, a Ready-to-Drink Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail

At Long Last, a Ready-to-Drink Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail


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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

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Studio city, Florida

I vannntttt to suckkkk yourrrr….tomato juice?

Yep, that’s right. Blood sucking vampires are being replaced by Bloody Mary guzzling drinkers. In the world of millennial obsessions, boozy brunches and vampires are both pretty high up there, and Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary is capitalizing on both.

The Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary is a spin-off from the Vampire Wine Brand, and it features an all natural Ready To Drink (RTD) cocktail made with vodka, real tomatoes, and natural ingredients. Those ingredients are then mixed together in a patented recipe which prevents the oh-so-earth-shattering problem of vodka separating from tomato juice. The Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary is served in a 12 oz can that can be sipped (or chugged) directly. It can also easily be poured into a glass with ice, celery, bacon, small cheeseburgers, or whatever else people are putting into their Bloody Marys these days.

The company’s goal is to become the go-to Bloody Mary, from airlines and stadiums to hotel mini-bars and golf courses, and they believe the market exists for it to happen. Right now, the US and Japan make up 50% of the global market for RTDs, which was valued at $18.73 billion in 2014 with the prediction of growing at a rate of 3% until 2019. Add in the fact that US alcoholic sales alone reached $219.52 billion in 2016, and that there are very few Bloody Mary RTDs out there, and you start to get why they think they have a shot at becoming the go-to cocktail. Plus, based on many videos of taste reviews, it seems to be pretty delicious.

I love a good Bloody Mary myself. I’ve also had had a glass (or six) of Vampire Wines and enjoyed them. This brand knows how to make a good adult beverage, and I’d assume this RTD is no different. I’m not sure if I would make the leap to invest in this, but who knows? After five of those little Bloody Mary cans, I just might vannnt to changeeee my mindddddd.

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