Volaero Drones

Volaero Drones

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Take Flight with VolAero Drones

Take Flight with VolAero Drones


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Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

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North Miami, Florida

VolAero Drones(350 words)
Drones. From Amazon deliveries to aerial photos, drones are the buzzworthy gadget of today. So, when I first started reading about VolAero, I figured it would be yet another drone company trying to swoop their way into the commercial market. Great. Not even remotely interesting (pun definitely intended).

But...they are. They’re entering the drone market in a thoughtful, careful way. I wouldn’t drone on and on to you if they weren’t. VolAero has decided to concentrate and specialize in a few vertical markets that are not heavily covered by right now and provide solutions in those specific areas. They include real estate marketing, 2D terrain mapping, 3D modeling, and thermal inspections, to name a few. The result is that they can work closely with their clients to provide an integrated, customized, end-to-end drone solution with actionable analytics. To clarify - ValAero does not manufacture drones or develop drone software. Rather, they do work with the different manufacturers and developers to get the best and most advanced technology available in the marketplace.

For example, in Florida, the permit laws state that if a roof has 25% moisture damage, the entire roof needs to be replaced.That can cost $100,000, versus just the $20,000 for repairs. Keeping track of that with traditional labor can be expensive, tedious, and dangerous. Using ValAero instead can make upkeep like that more cost efficient, faster, and effective.

And VolAero’s team knows it’s drone stuff. They have over 150 years of combined experience in telecommunications, cinema, broadcast, sales, digital & data processing, science, engineering, business development, management, and customer relations. Plus, the commercial drone industry is predicted to account for 90% of the drone market by 2025 and grow to be about $65 billion.

Drones are flying around to stay, and maybe VolAero figured out how to fly their way into a growing and evolving market. However, there are a lot of other drone companies out there, and unless VolAero can figure out how to stay ahead of the curve, investing in them might be like taking another aerial photo - there’s plenty out there already.

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