As of today, the KingsCrowd team is 1 week into our Netcapital raise. In this short period of time, we have raised $42K from a mix of 26 individuals that spread the gamut from billion dollar founders, to game-changing Fintech CEOs, to customers of the platform, to professors, advisors, family and friends.


Each and every individual brings something unique and valuable to the table to help us grow our business moving forward. Without any one of you this journey would not be possible, and as we work to reach our capital goal, we will continue to lean on each and everyone of you to make this a reality.


With several weeks left, we will continue to work our current funnel of potential investors and build on it through the crowd to close in on the necessary working capital to reach our upper investment threshold.


It has been fantastic speaking with so many of you who have interest in KingsCrowd and who genuinely understand the value we are trying to provide to the investment community at large.  


Some of the lessons I have learned during our first week live on the platform are:


  1. It pays to build long standing, meaningful relationships with individuals.

    1. Most of our largest investors come from founders, angels and individuals I have built relationships with over the past couple of years through my blog.

  2. Develop a launch plan leading up to your raise.

    1. I’ve found momentum more than anything drives investment from the crowd.

  3. Coordinate press releases, social media and website po sitioning.

    1. On the day we launched, we had an article in Bostinno (one of the largest tech publications in New England) that actually drove several leads to KingsCrowd.

    2. Utilizing our social media, we have handedly raised a few thousand dollars from individuals that would otherwise not have found our offering.


As the raise continues on, we are working on the backend to build out great research and recommendations on the best deals across the equity crowdfunding market. We are also working strategically to put the pieces in place to utilize our capital most effectively once the raise has closed.

Some of the areas we are strategically focused on include:


  1. Developing our detailed go-to-market strategy for customer acquisition

  2. Recruiting a Lead Developer to manage creation of our analytics and rating product

  3. Enhancing our due diligence process to increase our quality & quantity of research


With each passing day we get closer to goal #1 of securing the capital needed to get the engine going, but the journey is just beginning. We have a long road ahead of us full of exciting opportunities and challenges to maneuver.


Each time I’ve seen a new investor joining the raise, it becomes increasingly clear to me that we are building a team and a movement that will reshape the way everyone invests in the startup market and the way that innovation capital is deployed.


If you are interested in joining the journey, be sure to check out our offering page and reach out with any questions you might have.


Cheers to the future,

Chris Lustrino

Founder & CEO