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Blockchain-powered Video Network

Blockchain-powered Video Network


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Venice, California

From Harry Potter to Star Wars, the fandom subculture is huge. However, despite being avid social media posters and bringing in desired site traffic, these fans are often exploited, rather than empowered.

Well, have no more fandom fear -- ZEN is here! ZEN is promoting a new type of social media business that truly empowers those fans. The ZEN app enables fans to share short videos, chat with their peers, and build the communities they want. It also allows them to become paid influencers by earning cryptocurrency called ZENCoins. In fact, ZEN is the first -- and only -- social app designed specifically to meet the demands of fandom video communities, and now, by sharing their great videos and building an audience on ZEN, fans can become paid for doing what they love.

So far, ZEN has hit the ground running. Their app provides the things users want, such as high-quality videos and seamless looping, community organization and discovery, advanced communications, content curation, and a revenue sharing and marketplace. As a result, ZEN has gained 30,000 new users since May 2017, and they’ve already shared thousands of dollars in revenue back with them. They have over eight million cumulative video views, 1,000 daily active users, and 40,000 organic installs.

The typical ZEN user is a 14-18 year old who’s a superfan of some aspect of pop culture. These users are both consumers and creators of content, and they’re able to reach a large audience of their peers. Unfortunately, since the major social media platforms ignore and and exploit this influence, users are forced to turn to what’s called the shadow market, or an informal peer-to-peer marketplace, to find compensation. ZEN formalizes that shadow market by connecting fans to other fans in a professional and trustworthy way, and helps users become paid influencers safely through their ZENCoin cryptocurrency.

After all, the influencer marketing and sponsored post industry is valued at $1 billion and growing...and ZEN is revolutionizing it. Join the ZEN’s solution to empower fans and help create the future of social media, where users are empowered -- not exploited.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
Are you in a fandom or currently an avid poster or content consumer? Do you want your ads to be reaching the Generation Z audience? Well then, ZEN might be for you. Their app empowers users by allowing them to become paid influencers, while also providing a safe space for fans to create communities, connect with each other, and curate content. Investing in ZEN means investing in the future of social media....and who knows what magic their fandom revolution could lead to!
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