The First Data-Driven Fund in the Online Private Market

Invest in a diversified portfolio of 100 highly rated startups.*

*Only accredited investors may join at this time

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The next unicorns are raising online now

Join the first quant fund focused on startup investment opportunities

A Unique Approach

KingsCrowd is a data company first and VC fund second.

We collect and analyze data and market intelligence to better vet investment opportunities.


In-depth proprietary benchmarks and measurements across key market and company indicators


More than 500 real-time data points on every available investment deal, including deal momentum indicators


Comprehensive research on highly rated companies conducted by our expert market analysts and partner VCs


Equity Raises Reviewed


Crowdfunding Raises


Total Money Raised in Equity Raises

KingsCrowd’s portfolio of highly rated companies has 25% higher unrealized returns than market average

For all companies that raised online, we tracked their subsequent rounds. Then we calculated the average unrealized return for all companies in this market, based on valuation growth between rounds. When we compared that average to the average unrealized return for companies that got high ratings from KingsCrowd, our return was 25% higher.


4 Acquisitions

2 Company Repurchases

2.5x Avg. Unrealized Returns

Invest in the first quant VC fund in the online private markets

Our algorithm will source and vet new investment opportunities. Then our team will verify selections and make final investment decisions for the fund.

KingsCrowd Capital Fund

Access a portfolio of 100 startups with a single investment


Seed Stage (30%)

$50K Check Size

60 Companies


Reserve Capital (30%)

Follow on investments ($250K-$500K) to double down on 6 - 12 winners


Early Stage (40%)

$100K Check Size

40 Companies


You will be among the pioneers, investing in the first online quantitative VC fund.

The KingsCrowd Capital Fund is scalable, cost-effective, and time-efficient. With one click, you can gain portfolio diversification and access a new, differentiated return stream.

You will get access to portfolio details and updates via our KingsCrowd portfolio software.

Note: only accredited investors may participate at this time.

Fund Size



10 Years


Up to 250 (Accredited Investors)


1% Management Fee, 10% Carry

Min. Investment


Fund Admin


Management Entity

KingsCrowd Capital, LLC (Wholly owned by KingsCrowd, Inc.)

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