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Capital Fund Blog - May 9, 2023

Startup Investors Deserve More Transparency

Can Generative AI Help With Venture Investing?

How does generative AI fare in the venture investing space? We conducted an experiment with ChatGPT and Bard to find out.

Are Investment DAOs the Future of Venture Capital?

Investment DAOs -- or community-driven, blockchain-powered investment vehicles -- have several advantages over traditional venture capital.

Why Preferred Stock Isn’t Always “Preferred”

To know whether preferred stock is better than common stock, investors need to know what their portfolio priorities are.

What’s Next for Laid-Off Tech Employees?

Companies across the tech industry have made the hard decision to lay off talented employees. But their story doesn’t have to end there.

Top 5 Industries to Look Out for in 2023

Despite the market turmoil 2023 will likely bring, there are five red-hot industries that present exciting investment opportunities.

A New Standard for Investment Portfolios

The 60/40 portfolio is still popular among investors today. But we’re living in a historical time when new standards are about to emerge.

KingsCrowd Capital Fund I: Learn the Essentials

KingsCrowd Capital Fund I has made its first investments! And we put together a video series to explain the essentials of the fund.

Turning an Economic Downturn Into an Opportunity

Both the public and private markets are in a slump. But retail investors and institutional investors can take advantage.