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Capital Fund Blog - November 2, 2022

KingsCrowd Capital Fund I: Learn the Essentials

Turning an Economic Downturn Into an Opportunity

Both the public and private markets are in a slump. But retail investors and institutional investors can take advantage.

Convertible Notes Are Dying

This post explores how the introduction of SAFEs led to the downfall of convertible notes in startup funding rounds.

How Does Online Startup Investing Differ From Traditional Venture Capital?

This post explores some differences between traditional venture capital investing and online startup investing.

Pioneering a New Kind of Venture Capital

KingsCrowd is offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in the first VC quant fund. Here’s how it works.

KingsCrowd Capital Fund: Q&A

Here’s a Q&A session all about the KingsCrowd Capital Fund I -- the first data-driven fund focused on online startup opportunities.