KingsCrowd Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis - May 18, 2022

The Power of Data-Driven Investing

Regulation Crowdfunding Trend Over the Years

In this Chart of the Week, we look at how the number of new deals for Regulation Crowdfunding has changed over the past four years.

What Are the Riskiest Startups?

This Chart of Week examines the average risk score of startups in order to identify the riskiest startup type.

How Revenue Impacts Online Startup Funding Rounds

This Chart of the Week examines the relationship between startups' revenue and the amount of capital invested in online startup deals.

Investor Check Sizes: Debt vs. Equity

In this Chart of the Week, we compare the average check size across the top equity and debt crowdfunding platforms.

Impact Startup Investing: March 2022

KingsCrowd highlights mission-driven startups that began raising capital in March 2022 to enable easy impact investing.

Industries With the Top Funding Growth

In this Chart of the Week, we identify the industries with the highest funding growth in the crowdfunding market between 2020 and 2021.

The Best Strategy for Collectibles Investing

The best strategy for collectibles investors is to make sure you invest in something you’d enjoy owning -- not rely on "retired" athletes.

Startup Valuations Vary by Platform

In this Chart of the Week, we examine how median startup valuations differ across various crowdfunding platforms.