KingsCrowd Industry Analysis

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August Online Investing Snapshot: Rise in Opportunities and Notable Wins on StartEngine

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The Best Impact Investing Deals of August 2023

The top impact investing opportunities of August 2023 include smart cups, alternative meats, eco-packaging, and more.

Female Founder Representation in the Online Private Markets

An in-depth look at female founder funding trends, comparing equity crowdfunding with traditional ventures from 2022 to 2023.

Underrepresented Founder Deals Roundup: August 2023

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How AI impacts EdTech funding in 2023

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How are KingsCrowd users investing this year so far?

Explore how KingsCrowd portfolio users' investing behaviors have evolved in 2023, reflecting broader economic uncertainties and potential recession concerns.

Online Startup Investing in July 2023

In this Chart of the Week, we explore the crowdfunding market's performance in July 2023, including investing volume, platforms, and more.