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Industry Analysis - January 27, 2023

Impact Startup Investing: December 2022

The Online Startup Investors of 2022 Were Unafraid

This Chart of the Week compares investors’ average check sizes on the top equity crowdfunding platforms between 2021 and 2022.

Reg CF Investors Chose Minority Founders in 2022

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this Chart of the Week looks at funding and deal flow for minority founders in 2022.

Online Startup Investing in Q4 2022

In this Chart of the Week, we examine online startup investing in Q4 of 2022 to identify the top platforms, top industries, and more.

Best of 2022: Top-Performing Crowdfunding Platforms

In this Chart of the Week, we evaluate the top-performing crowdfunding platforms of 2022 and explore how their performance compares to 2021.

A Toast to the Alcohol Startups of 2022

In this Chart of the Week, we raise a glass to the new year by examining how much funding alcohol and mocktail companies raised in 2022.

The Season of Giving: Impact Startup Investing in 2022

In honor of the holidays, this Chart of the Week looks back at impact startup investing in 2022.

Impact Startup Investing: November 2022

KingsCrowd highlights mission-driven startups that began raising capital in November 2022 to enable easy impact investing.

The Impact of StartEngine’s Acquisition of SeedInvest

StartEngine intends to acquire rival platform SeedInvest. But just how much of an impact will that have on online startup investing?