KingsCrowd Education


Behind the Scenes of KingsCrowd’s Startup Analysis Process

Learn about the steps KingsCrowd takes to share startup information with you, from collecting data to producing Analyst Reports.

What Investors Should Know About Debt Crowdfunding

Learn the basics of debt crowdfunding, including key terms, the difference between debt and equity, and whether you should invest in debt.

FINRA 101: Its Purpose and Its Impact on the Startup Investing Market

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) sets important rules for online startup investing that investors should know about.

Cloudastructure Founder Rick Bentley’s Advice on Running Regulation A Rounds

Cloudastructure founder Rick Bentley talks about his experience with running a successful Regulation A round.

What Is an IPO?

Learn what it means for a company to go public through an initial public offering and whether IPOs are good investments.

Lessons From a New Startup Investor

Some lessons from this brand-new startup investor include: do your research and consider your personal connection to a product.

Analyst Report Methodology

A summary of how KingsCrowd selects companies to receive Analyst Reports and an overview of the report structure.

Investing In Startups: Understanding How Exits Can Impact Your Investment Strategy

Startup investors should understand the different types of exits that exist and how they can provide returns on early investments.