KingsCrowd Founder Profile

Brian Morin and Soteria’s Vision for Safer Batteries

In this founder profile, Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria Battery Innovation Group, discusses his vision for safer lithium-ion batteries, the competitive landscape of battery safety technologies, and the holistic approach that sets Soteria apart.

Redefining Grocery Shopping: Camilo Giraldo’s Vision for a Plastic-Free Future

Discover the innovative journey of TAINR, a company determined to transform the bulk aisle grocery experience. Dive deep into the vision of CEO Camilo Giraldo and learn how this invention promises a sustainable, efficient future in retail.

The Rhythm of the Mind: AJ Keller on Neurosity’s EEG Wearable and the Power of Music

AJ Keller, Neurosity's CEO, is on a mission to change our relationship with mental health. Using The Crown, a state-of-the-art EEG device, individuals can harness the power of music to guide their brainwaves, offering a revolutionary approach to mindfulness and productivity.

Power Anywhere, Anytime: Inergy’s Global Vision with CEO Sean Luangrath

Explore the journey of Inergy's CEO, Sean Luangrath, as he shares insights on the company's innovative battery solutions and vision to combat global energy poverty.

Emotional Well-being Meets Skincare: Stephanie Lee’s Innovative Approach with Selfmade

Discover the innovative approach of Stephanie Lee's Selfmade, a brand that fuses psychology with dermatology to redefine beauty and enhance mental wellness.

Beyond Panels: Luma Solar’s Elegant Approach to Green Energy

In this founder profile, discover Robert Allen's journey with Luma Solar, where innovative design meets solar functionality. Dive into Luma Solar's vision for a greener, aesthetic future.

Arkadiy Okhman: Steering Delivery Drivers to a Sustainable Future with Sunryde

Explore the visionary world of Arkadiy Okhman, CEO of Sunryde, as he dives deep into his mission to replace cars with e-bikes for a sustainable and cost-effective last-mile delivery solution.

Printing the Future: How Smart Cups is Changing the Beverage Industry

In this founder profile, Smart Cups founder and CEO Chris Kanik sheds light on the game-changing technology that's merging convenience with eco-consciousness in the beverage industry.