KingsCrowd Founder Profile

TruKno Founder Manish Kapoor on Proactive Cybersecurity

KingsCrowd interviewed TruKno founder Manish Kapoor to learn how his company uses AI and other strategies to combat cyberattacks.

HiveTracks Founder Max Rünzel on Bees and Biodiversity Management

KingsCrowd reached out to HiveTracks co-founder Max Rünzel to learn how the company harnesses honey bees to gather environmental data.

Greener Process Systems Founder Matt Sweetwood on Reducing Ship Emissions

KingsCrowd interviewed Greener Process Systems founder Matt Sweetwood to learn how the company is tackling ship emissions.

Volektra Founder Manish Seth on Democratizing Sustainable Mobility

KingsCrowd spoke with Volektra founder Manish Seth to learn how the company is electrifying gas-powered vehicles.

Aqua Research Founder Rodney Herrington on Destroying Waterborne Diseases

Aqua Research founder Rodney Herrington told KingsCrowd about helping low-income countries improve sanitation.

Avadain Co-founder Brad Larschan on High-Quality Graphene Flakes

KingsCrowd interviewed Avadain co-founder Brad Larschan about how graphene will change Americans’ lives in the future.

Small Change Founder Eve Picker on Democratized Real Estate Investing

Small Change founder Eve Picker told KingsCrowd about opening up more real estate funding opportunities for women and minority founders.

Perfekto Co-Founder Jan Heinvirta on Tackling Food Waste

Perfekto co-founder Jan Heinvirta spoke to KingsCrowd about the consequences of food waste and Perfekto's method of tackling the problem.