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Biodel AG Founder Ben Cloud on How Bacteria is Revitalizing Soil

KingsCrowd spoke with Biodel AG founder Ben Cloud about how his company is using the power of bacteria to regenerate soil for agriculture.

AiViva Founder Dr. Diane Tang-Liu on Advancing Medicine

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PopCom Founder Dawn Dickson on Combining Machine Learning with Vending Machines

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GoPillar Co-Founder Alessandro Rossi on Making Architectural Design Meritocratic

KingsCrowd spoke with GoPillar co-founder Alessandro Rossi about how GoPillar gives new architects the chance for success they deserve.

Boundless Robotics Founder Carl Palme on Judgment-Free Cannabis

Boundless Robotics founder Carl Palme talked to KingsCrowd about how his company makes it easy to grow cannabis at home.

Kurve Therapeutics Founder Marc Giroux on Treating Alzheimer’s and More

KingsCrowd interviewed Kurve Therapeutics founder Marc Giroux about how his company’s new treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Founder Micah Bergdale on How Joulez is Bringing Vehicle Rentals into the Future

KingsCrows spoke with Joulez founder Micah Bergdale about the current car rental market and how Joulez is making electric vehicles more accessible.

Ouragins CEO Shaun Veran on Giving Back to Healthcare Professionals

Ouragins CEO Shaun Veran told KingsCrowd how the company’s new copper-threaded, antimicrobial scrubs are benefitting healthcare workers in more ways than one.