KingsCrowd Founder Profile

Founder Profile - April 1, 2022

Founder Profile: Emil Nnani of Boaz Bikes

Down to Cook Founder Trishna Saigal on Food and Inclusivity

KingsCrowd spoke to Down to Cook founder Trishna Saigal about the importance of inclusivity in plant-based meat alternatives.

Podetize Founder Tracy Hazzard on Leveling the Podcast Playing Field

KingsCrowd interviewed Podetize founder Tracy Hazzard to learn how her company is helping podcasters monetize their shows. Founder Hamoun Karami on Building Smarter Waste Management

KingsCrowd spoke with founder Hamoun Karami to learn how his company is changing the smart waste management industry.

Unbanked Founder Ian Kane Discusses Crypto and Banking

KingsCrowd interviewed Unbanked co-founder Ian Kane to learn how his company is uniting cryptocurrency and banking services.

Creci Founder Andres Idarraga on Expanding Social Impact Investment Opportunities

Kingscrowd spoke with Creci founder Andres Idarraga to learn how his company is expanding the world of social impact investing.

Hempitecture Founder Mattie Mead on Building a Sustainable Future

KingsCrowd interviewed Hempitecture founder Mattie Mead to learn why the company is creating high-performing, sustainable building materials.

Civic Founder Matias Burdman on Streamlining Social Activism

KingsCrowd interviewed Civic founder Matias Burdman to learn how his company is creating a social network for civic action.

Aladdin Founder Darlington Onyeagoro Is Empowering African Small Businesses

KingsCrowd learned from Aladdin co-founder Darlington Onyeagoro how his company is empowering African small business owners.