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Founder Profile - December 13, 2021

Founder Profile: James Wagoner of Joule Case

GTFO It’s Vegan Founder Marc Pierce on How Veganism Changed His Life

GTFO It's Vegan founder Marc Pierce tells KingsCrowd how veganism changed his life and inspired a company.

Bowr Founder Rumi Guho on Breaking Down Barriers in the Furniture Industry

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hobbyDB Founder Christian Braun on Serving the Collector Community

KingsCrowd interviewed hobbyDB founder Christian Braun to learn about how his company is serving the massive collector community.

Terraseed Founder Maria Cebrian Fernandez on Updating the Old-Fashioned Supplement Industry

KingsCrowd interviewed Terraseed founder Maria Cebrian Fernandez to learn how Terraseed is bringing vegan supplements to a sustainable level.

Brick Work Founder John Jung Is Empowering Homeowners

KingsCrowd interviewed Brick Work founder John Jung to learn how he is empowering homeowners through software.

Team Topia Founder Mason Hale on Supporting Niche Sports

KingsCrowd interviewed Team Topia founder Mason Hale to learn about the need for organization software in sports like swimming and track.

Traq365 Founder Adam Rubenstein Is Bringing AI to Sales Conversations

KingsCrowd interviewed Traq365 founder Adam Rubenstein to find out how his company is applying AI to sales conversations.

Nicolette Founder Phil Martie on Empowering Patients and Their Families

KingsCrowd sat down with Nicolette founder Phil Martie to learn how his company is empowering patients and their families.