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REUZEit Co-founder Justin Andrews on Confronting Overproduction

KingsCrowd talked to REUZEit co-founder Justin Andrews about reducing contributions to landfills by reusing scientific equipment.

Moriondo Founder Alvise Pasqualetti on Sustainable Coffee

Moriondo founder Alvise Pasqualetti spoke to KingsCrowd about being authentically sustainable in the coffee industry.

Pureboost Co-founder Sean Ross on Health-Conscious Energy Boosts

KingsCrowd sat down with Pureboost co-founder Sean Ross to learn about quick and healthy energy drinks.

Mediar Co-founder Gustavo Lemos on Maximizing Offline Sales

KingsCrowd spoke with Mediar co-founder Gustavo Lemos about how the company’s software helps brands track and promote sales in retail stores.

Sensate Co-founder Anna Gudmundson on Mental Health and Wellness

Sensate co-founder and CEO Anna Gudmundson spoke with KingsCrowd about the company’s role in mental health and wellness.

Brite Co-founder Dmitry Litvinov on Brite’s Edtech Marketplace

KingsCrowd talks to Brite co-founder Dmitry Litvinov about how Brite is disrupting STEM education through its edtech marketplace.

Amped Innovation Co-Founder Andi Kleissner on Solar Power for Emerging Markets

KingsCrowd interviewed Amped Innovation co-founder Andi Kleissner about providing reliable power in countries with unreliable grids.

Phuc Labs Co-founder Phuc Thien Truong Is Improving E-waste Recycling

KingsCrowd spoke with Phuc Labs co-founder Phuc Thien Truong about how the company can use its technology to reduce e-waste.