Having robots and humans working hand-in-hand is a reality that has become more and more tangible, especially since the beginning of the AI boom. AvaWatz is at the forefront of this revolution.

We reached out to Rajini Anachi to learn more about how her robots could increase human safety by doing dirty and dangerous tasks.

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Company: AvaWatz
Security Type: Equity - Preferred
Valuation: $80,847,656
Min Investment: $500
Platform: StartEngine
Deadline: Jun 4, 2024
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In your own words, how would you describe your company?

At AvaWatz, we’re pioneers in transforming solitary robots into dynamic, cooperative tasking teams. Picture this: robots working in perfect harmony, accelerating their pace, accomplishing more than ever, and significantly boosting safety measures to minimize human error. Our cutting-edge use of algorithms sets us apart, acting as the digital glue that fosters collaboration and continual learning among these robotic teams. Every task they perform isn’t just a job – it’s an opportunity for improvement.

 Our genesis use case takes center stage on airfield runways. In an intricate dance of technology, our system empowers air robots to identify hazardous debris day or night, in adverse weather conditions, and even in GPS blackout zones. But we don’t stop there – we seamlessly guide ground robots to swoop in, ensuring swift removal of the identified hazards. It’s not merely about efficiency; it’s a game-changing approach to redefining safety standards in critical environments.

But that’s just the beginning. We bring our expertise to various sectors, offering TRUSTED AI Robotic services and solutions for inspection, surveillance, and security applications in the Airline, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Military sectors. At AvaWatz, we believe robot teams aren’t just tools but partners in progress, shaping a future where safety, efficiency, and trust converge in perfect harmony.

What inspired you to take the leap and start this company?

AvaWatz: Ah, the origin of AvaWatz is a tale spun from a challenge laid down by a U.S. Air Force customer: the need for a runway debris detection and cleanup system to execute its mission on demand in 30 minutes. The challenge was intriguing, and our solution was revolutionary—a dynamic duo of air and ground robots working in tandem. And just like that, AvaWatz was born!

 As we delved into crafting this groundbreaking product, the spark of realization ignited a fire within us. It wasn’t just about solving a specific problem but about recognizing the vast market opportunity to redefine safety standards. Our vision expanded beyond the confines of airfield runways. We saw a future where AI-powered robots, operating autonomously in the most unpredictable environments, indoors and outdoors, could handle dangerous, tedious, and high-risk tasks with unparalleled precision.

 Think about it—autonomous air, ground, and aquatic vehicles can navigate uncharted territories for transportation, surveillance, emergency response, disaster recovery, exploration, agriculture, forestry, infrastructure management, and construction. The possibilities were limitless, and AvaWatz became the torchbearer for ushering in a new era of robotic solutions. So, what inspired us? A challenge that turned into an opportunity, and the unwavering belief that robotics could redefine how we approach dangerous and complex tasks. This spark ignited AvaWatz’s journey; we haven’t looked back since. 

Who is on your team and how did you come together?

Our team is the heartbeat of AvaWatz, a diverse and dynamic group that brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. We are a fusion of seasoned professionals who have worked together in previous ventures, combined with fresh perspectives eager to shape a new frontier in robotics.

 I, Rajini Anachi, serve as CEO, a serial entrepreneur with solid experience building companies from ideation to exit – previous venture mZeal/Cyglass. J.R May, ​​Director of Business Development & Sales, drives DoD and Public sector sales – previously led business development at mZeal/Cyglass. Dr. Rishabh Iyer, AI R&D Director, leads AI directives and product development – entrepreneurial experience and SME. John McKendry, Product Development Director, leads product solution engineering for market fit –   previously at mZeal/Cyglass. Dr. Walter Rawle, Sensors, AI & Autonomous Systems SME, sensor physics, robotic hardware interfaces, AI. Ajay Jain, Marketing & Operations, leads digital media, outreach campaigns and operations. Neal Wadhwani, Sales and Marketing Advisor, Bala Jana, co-founder – investor and BoD.

We maintain an easy collaborative work culture, fostering innovation in every aspect of our business. Together, we’re building robots and sculpting the future of autonomous systems. 

What is your go-to-market strategy?

Our go-to-market strategy is a symphony of precision and innovation, much like our robotic solutions.

 Sales Strategy: Firstly, we’ve strategically aligned ourselves with Defense agencies, where we’ve gained solid market traction. Our approach involves leveraging a network of 8+ partnerships and teaming agreements with service providers, system integrators, and OEMs. It’s a dual-pronged strategy—50% of our sales pipeline comes from direct efforts showcasing our expertise, while the remaining 50% is driven through solid partnerships. This synergy allows us to tap into existing market channels effectively.

 Additionally, we’re expanding our horizons beyond defense. We’ve set our sights on the private sector, with a keen focus on Hospitality and Healthcare industries initially. The plan is to extend our reach into Utility and other markets gradually. This diversified approach ensures that our AI Robotics solutions transcend industry boundaries, offering groundbreaking applications across various sectors.

 Marketing Approach: Our marketing approach is as multifaceted as the solutions we provide. It’s a dynamic mix of relationship marketing, thought leadership, and content marketing. By fostering relationships, positioning ourselves as thought leaders, and creating compelling content, we aim to sell products and inspire confidence and trust in our brand.

 Launch Activities: To bring our solutions to life, we orchestrate live demonstrations tailored to industry-specific applications. This hands-on experience allows potential clients to witness the transformative power of our technology firsthand. Moreover, customer education is paramount—we offer comprehensive training programs and robust support to ensure seamless integration and operation.

 Feedback Mechanisms: Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We’ve established clear feedback mechanisms, actively seeking user input across sectors. This invaluable information is the bedrock for continuous product improvement, ensuring our solutions evolve with user experiences.

 Our go-to-market strategy is not just about selling robots; it’s about forging lasting partnerships, inspiring confidence, and shaping a future where AvaWatz is synonymous with innovation and reliability. 

Have you already signed any contract that will bring you product revenue?

We focus on maintaining a robust sales pipeline, particularly in the public sector, where we aim to convert 8% to 10% on a rolling basis. The momentum is strong, and we’re actively working towards securing contracts that will bolster our revenue and expand our reach.

 On the private sector front, we’re gearing up for an exciting launch. We’re in the process of finalizing an ecosystem partnership tailored for the Hospitality and Healthcare industries. This strategic move will unfold this quarter, marking a significant step forward in our journey to bring AvaWatz’s innovative solutions to diverse sectors and generate substantial product revenue.

What are the possible applications of your product?

AvaWatz boasts two distinct product lines, each catering to a range of applications:

 AI Robotic Solutions:

HAYA: Primarily designed for Runway Inspections, it extends its capabilities to other inspection applications in Airline, Transportation, Utility, and Defense.

ARWEN: Tailored for surveillance and security applications, ARWEN finds its place in the Public sector, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Defense.

DARI: Specializing in obstacle detection and avoidance, DARI’s applications span Manufacturing, Construction, and Defense.

 TRUSTED AI Platform services:

GENIE: The Key to Precision and Efficiency in ML Model Training

FALCON: The AI Tool Redefining Error Correction and Model Transparency.

 Both product lines resonate strongly with safety-critical applications, such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare, where AI models’ reliability and trustworthiness are paramount.  

What are the signs from potential customers that show you that there is a need for your product?

The indicators of a substantial need for our products are vivid. Firstly, our strong traction with public sector customers, who have actively funded us for advanced R&D, is a resounding endorsement of our value. Furthermore, the recent beta launch of our commercial GENIE product has been met with an overwhelming response. In less than two weeks, we find ourselves oversubscribed for the beta program, a clear testament to the market’s eager anticipation and recognition of the value of our products. 

If we talk again in 12 months, which milestones will you have achieved?

Looking ahead, in 12 months, we anticipate achieving the following key milestones:

Ecosystem Partnerships: Our ecosystem partnerships will have matured, laying a solid foundation for scalable sales operations.

 GENIE and FALCON Products: GENIE and FALCON, our flagship products, will be fully featured and gaining significant traction in the market. Their evolution will reflect our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions.

 ARWEN Solution: Specifically tailored for Hospitality and Healthcare, our ARWEN solution will have reached a mature stage, addressing the unique needs of these sectors and showcasing our commitment to innovation.