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Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

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Addison, Texas

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AvaWatz, with a valuation of $80.85 million, is raising funds on StartEngine. It is a decision-intelligence company that uses collaborative air and ground robots to carry out difficult and dangerous tasks. AvaWatz uses artificial intelligence to power an extensive network of Cobots to tackle complex and multi-step assignments. The business is fully prototyped and has undergone R&D with the US Air Force and Department of Homeland Security. Rajini Anachi and Bala Jana founded AvaWatz in February 2019. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $15,000 and a maximum target of $1 million. The campaign proceeds will be used for marketing, research and development, company employment, and operations.

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Financials as of: 03/06/2024
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Raise History

Offering Name Close Date Platform Valuation/Cap Total Raised Security Type Status Reg Type
AvaWatz 04/28/2024 StartEngine $80,847,656 $101,235 Equity - Preferred Active RegCF
AvaWatz 02/19/2024 Wefunder $79,001,212 $843,856 Equity - Preferred Funded RegCF
AvaWatz 03/08/2023 StartEngine $79,001,212 $321,840 Equity - Common Funded RegCF
AvaWatz 10/27/2022 StartEngine $36,000,000 $810,620 Equity - Common Funded RegCF
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Founder Profile

Driving the Future of Safe Robotics

Having robots and humans working hand-in-hand is a reality that has become more and more tangible, especially since the beginning of the AI boom. AvaWatz is at the forefront of this revolution.

We reached out to Rajini Anachi to learn more about how her robots could increase human safety by doing dirty and dangerous tasks.

Read Founder Interview

Analyst Report


AvaWatz is a Texas-based decision-intelligence company that is innovating in the field of collaborative robotics, commonly referred to as "Cobots." These Cobots are designed to perform tasks that are either too dangerous, difficult, or time-consuming for humans, paving the way for a new era in automation. AvaWatz's artificial intelligence-driven air and ground robots network can handle complex, multi-step operations, setting the company apart in the collaborative robotics market.

The company has already made significant strides in development, with a fully prototyped system that has been researched and tested in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security. This demonstrates high trust and potential for AvaWatz's technology in critical sectors. AvaWatz's initial service offerings target essential and high-stakes areas such as airfields, ground transit, and surveillance missions, spanning the private sector, government, and defense.

AvaWatz is currently in a growth phase and is seeking funds to further its ambitions. With a pre-money valuation of $80.85 million, the company is raising capital on StartEngine with a campaign that has set a minimum target of $15,000 and a maximum target of $1 million. The proceeds from this fundraising round are earmarked for marketing, research, and development, expanding company employment, and bolstering operations. AvaWatz's business model centers around recurring revenue and contracting, which could provide a steady stream of income as the company scales and its technologies become more widely adopted.

Investors interested in the burgeoning field of robotics and AI and those who see the potential for automation to transform industries and enhance safety and efficiency will find AvaWatz's offering particularly compelling. The company's partnership with the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security validates the technology. It hints at the significant impact AvaWatz's Cobots could have on the future of work and service delivery in high-risk environments.

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AvaWatz is currently raising funds with a pre-money valuation of $80.85 million. The company operates within the collaborative robotics industry, a high-growth area with significant potential. AvaWatz's product, which uses air and ground robots powered by artificial intelligence for complex tasks, has already been prototyped and tested in collaboration with the US Air Force and Department of Homeland Security, indicating a level of traction with reputable partners.

However, the company's revenue multiple of 106.70x is quite high, especially considering that the annual revenue has decreased by 48.59% to $757,681. This decline in revenue growth is a concerning signal for potential investors, as it may indicate challenges in scaling or market adoption. The high revenue multiple suggests that the company is overvalued compared to typical valuation-to-revenue ratios in the industry. For instance, the transportation and robotics sectors often command lower multiples, particularly for companies still in the pre-profit stage.

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AvaWatz operates within the collaborative robotics (Cobots) segment of the broader robotics market, specifically targeting the US market. This segment focuses on robots designed to work alongside humans, enhancing capabilities rather than replacing human labor. The US collaborative robotics market holds a significant value at approximately $310.6 million and is on a growth trajectory with an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.9%. This high growth rate reflects an increasing acceptance and deployment of collaborative robots across various sectors.

AvaWatz's unique offering of AI-powered air and ground Cobots further underscored the market's high growth potential. These robots are developed to perform complex, multi-step tasks that are too hazardous, intricate, or tedious for human workers. The company's focus on airfields, ground transit, and surveillance missions positions it to serve many clients, including private enterprises, government agencies, and defense sectors. AvaWatz's work on fully prototyped solutions and their research and development collaborations with prestigious entities like the US Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security indicate the company's serious commitment to innovation and market leadership.

While the market for collaborative robotics is notably competitive with established players such as Avidbots, iUNU, and 6 River Systems, AvaWatz's focus on the intersection of air and ground robotics with AI may offer a distinct competitive advantage. The lack of significant market approval or licensing regulations also suggests a lower barrier to entry and scalability for AvaWatz’s technologies.

AvaWatz's recurring revenue model, supplemented by contracting, indicates potential for stable and predictable long-term income streams. This, combined with the high level of market acceptance for Cobots and the company’s ability to secure R&D partnerships, suggests a strong market position for AvaWatz in a rapidly growing industry.

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Dr. Rajini Anachi, a serial innovator with a rich background in AI and robotics, is at the helm of AvaWatz. Her diverse experience spans the defense, mining, and cybersecurity industries, showcasing her ability to tackle challenges and innovate across various sectors. Her passion for empowering robots to work as teams underpin AvaWatz's mission to redefine safety and efficiency through intelligent collaboration. As the CEO, Dr. Anachi's vision is central to the company's strategic direction and innovation in the collaborative robotics space.

Co-founder Bala Jana brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned investor and a veteran of startup success. His track record in driving product innovation and market fit is invaluable to AvaWatz, ensuring that the company's solutions resonate with the market and pave the way for rapid growth. As a board member, Jana's expertise in identifying and nurturing innovative products contributes significantly to AvaWatz's strategic planning and execution.

J.R. May, the Director of Business Development and Sales, has a proven record of success in both Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial sales. May's extensive network and leadership skills are crucial for AvaWatz, translating into direct sales, strategic partnerships, and rapid scaling of the company. His role is pivotal in expanding AvaWatz's market reach and ensuring the company's collaborative robotics solutions gain traction in targeted sectors.

Dr. Rishabh Iyer, the Research Director for AI, brings academic rigor and cutting-edge research to AvaWatz. As an Assistant Professor at UT Dallas, Dr. Iyer's expertise in efficient machine learning and optimization ensures that the AI-powering AvaWatz robots remain at the forefront of technological advancements. His contribution is critical in maintaining AvaWatz's competitive edge in AI-driven collaborative robotics.

The AvaWatz team, led by Dr. Rajini Anachi and supported by co-founder Bala Jana, J.R. May, and Dr. Rishabh Iyer, represents a blend of innovation, market insight, sales acumen, and academic excellence. This diverse skill set positions AvaWatz to lead the development and deployment of collaborative robotics solutions, driving safety and efficiency across various industries.

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AvaWatz differentiates itself within the collaborative robotics (Cobots) market by focusing on decision intelligence and integrating air and ground robotic systems. The company's use of artificial intelligence to manage an extensive network of Cobots for complex tasks sets it apart from competitors who may only offer single-function or less integrated solutions. AvaWatz's ability to carry out dangerous, difficult, or time-consuming tasks has significant implications for industries that operate in high-risk environments or require precision and reliability beyond human capabilities.

While there are established competitors in the space, such as Avidbots, iUNU, and 6 River Systems, AvaWatz's approach to collaborative tasks using a combination of air and ground robots is a notable innovation. Its successful R&D collaborations with the US Air Force and Department of Homeland Security suggest that AvaWatz's technology is validated and trusted by highly discerning organizations in the government and defense sectors. This experience with federal agencies could give AvaWatz a competitive edge regarding reliability and security, which are critical factors for potential clients in these markets.

The company's business model, which emphasizes recurring revenue and contracting, indicates a long-term approach to client relationships and a steady income stream. This model is particularly suitable for the transportation, automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries, where ongoing service and maintenance are essential. Although AvaWatz is in the growth stage and has yet to become profitable, the fact that it has paying customers shows market validation for its products and services.

With patents pending for its technology, AvaWatz is poised to secure its intellectual property, which could further enhance its competitive position. The high barriers to entry in the Cobots market due to the technical expertise and significant capital required could work in AvaWatz's favor, as the company has already overcome these hurdles to some extent. Moreover, the founders' experience, with at least one having a track record of successful exits, adds credibility to the company's potential for growth and innovation.

Overall, AvaWatz's strategic focus on AI-powered collaborative robotics for high-stakes tasks in airfields, ground transit, and surveillance missions positions it as a disruptive force in the moderately competitive US Collaborative Robotics Market. The company's differentiated product offering, strategic partnerships, and proven prototype position it strongly for future growth and market penetration.

Next Section: Performance


AvaWatz, a company specializing in decision-intelligence with collaborative air and ground robots, has made noteworthy strides in product development and user security. The business leverages artificial intelligence to power a network of Cobots for complex tasks. It has successfully prototyped its technology and engaged in research and development with prominent entities such as the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security. The company has raised $1.96 million in prior funding rounds. 

AvaWatz's financial performance indicates challenges in maintaining revenue growth despite these achievements. Since the last funding round, the company has experienced a medium decline in user/customer/client growth and revenue growth. Specifically, AvaWatz's annual revenue decreased significantly by 48.59%, dropping to $757,681. This downturn suggests that while the company has paying customers and a recurring revenue model supplemented by contracting, it has yet to establish a steady and scalable income stream.

Next Section: Risk


AvaWatz operates in the collaborative robotics (Cobots) sector within the transportation, automotive, aviation, and aerospace industry, which presents unique challenges and risks. The company is in a pre-profit development phase and faces competition from Avidbots, iUNU, and 6 River Systems, indicating a moderately competitive landscape.

While AvaWatz's technology has undergone R&D with the US Air Force and Department of Homeland Security, which suggests a degree of market acceptance and potential for future growth, the company has yet to capitalize on these opportunities fully. There is a risk that AvaWatz may struggle to increase its revenue and market share against more established competitors.

The company has experienced a significant decrease in annual revenue growth, reported at -48.59%. This decline may indicate scaling and maintaining sales challenges, which could concern potential investors. Furthermore, while the company has a recurring primary revenue model, its negative net income of -$468,980 and a monthly burn rate of $39,081.67 could pose sustainability challenges if additional funding is not secured or revenue generation does not increase.

Another risk factor is the company's high valuation cap and revenue multiple of 106.70, which may suggest that AvaWatz is overvalued. Investors should consider whether the company's current and projected financials justify such a valuation.

On the operational side, AvaWatz has identified launch risks within its product risk assessment, acknowledging the challenges associated with bringing a new software product to market. Additionally, the company's technology relies on artificial intelligence and an extensive network of Cobots, which could present issues related to production, quality control, and scaling. AvaWatz must manage these risks effectively to maintain product quality and customer satisfaction as it expands its operations.

Next Section: Bullish Outlook

Bullish Outlook

AvaWatz's innovative approach to collaborative robotics, leveraging artificial intelligence to power a network of Cobots, positions it well within the growing transportation, automotive, aviation, and aerospace sectors. The company's development of advanced robotic services programmed to perform tasks too hazardous or intricate for humans speaks to a strong commitment to safety and efficiency, which is highly valuable across various industries.

It is a significant accomplishment that AvaWatz has already produced a fully functioning prototype that has been piloted by the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security. These partnerships not only validate the technology and its applications but also indicate the level of trust and potential demand from the government and defense sectors, which are known for stringent requirements and ample budgets.

Finally, AvaWatz's pending patents demonstrate a commitment to innovation and protecting intellectual property, which could provide a competitive edge in a moderately competitive landscape. The company's growth trajectory and its strategic partnerships position AvaWatz as a compelling investment opportunity within the tech-forward robotics industry.

Next Section: Bearish Outlook

Bearish Outlook

The bearish outlook for AvaWatz hinges on several factors, most notably its exorbitant revenue multiple of 106.70x and medium revenue growth decline since the last round. Such a high revenue multiple suggests a valuation significantly out of step with the company's current financial performance. Furthermore, the declining revenue growth rate could be a red flag for potential investors, indicating that AvaWatz may be struggling to scale its operations or to penetrate the market effectively.

While AvaWatz's partnerships and R&D efforts with the US Air Force and Department of Homeland Security are commendable, the path to regular and sustainable revenue streams in government and defense sectors can be lengthy and fraught with hurdles. This, along with the pending status of its patents, casts doubt on the company's ability to effectively defend its intellectual property, which is critical in a technology-driven industry.

The high pre-money valuation of $80.85 million, especially for a Series A company still in growth, may not be justified given its pre-profit status and current financial health. This suggests that AvaWatz could be overvalued at its current stage, potentially undermining the confidence of investors considering entry at this valuation.

Next Section: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

AvaWatz is an innovative decision-intelligence company specializing in developing collaborative air and ground robots known as Cobots. These autonomous systems are designed to carry out tasks that are too dangerous, difficult, or time-consuming for humans, leveraging artificial intelligence to execute complex and multi-step operations. The company's technology has been fully prototyped and has undergone research and development with prestigious entities such as the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security, indicating a strong potential for application in both the private and public sectors.

Despite being in the growth stage and having a working prototype, AvaWatz has experienced a medium decline in revenue, with a roughly 48.59% drop in annual revenue growth. This may raise concerns about the company's capacity to scale and capture market share in the competitive, collaborative robotics market, which includes direct competitors like Avidbots, iUNU, and 6 River Systems. Moreover, the company's pre-money valuation of $80.85 million appears ambitious, especially considering its pre-profit status and the recent decline in revenue.

The company's founders, Rajini Anachi and Bala Jana, have demonstrated dedication to AvaWatz since its inception in February 2019, and the firm has raised over $1.9 million in prior funding rounds. 

With pending patents and a business model focused on recurring revenue and contracting, AvaWatz is positioning itself to become a significant player in collaborative robotics. However, before making an investment decision, potential investors should carefully consider the company's current financials, competitive landscape, and high capital intensity level.


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