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See how your startup stacks up - before you go out to raise capital.

Gauge your startup's potential by comparing it with our extensive database of 8,000+ capital raises. Get insights instantly and at no cost.

Explore Valuation Insights.
Delve into the valuation range and revenue multiples of startups akin to yours that have navigated the online capital raising journey.
Predict Your Raise Potential.
Understand how much startups like yours have managed to raise online. Dive into details like top platforms used, the number of investors they attracted, and the time taken to secure the funds.
Compare Your Performance.
See how your startup fares in terms of revenue, burn rate, and other crucial metrics when stacked against peers from similar industries.
Discover Leading Funding Platforms.
Identify the top platforms based on the amount raised and the number of successful capital raises. If any catch your eye, we can even facilitate a warm introduction.
Analyze Market Comps.
Access a curated list of market comparisons. Analyze the strategies adopted by various startups, understanding what propelled them to success or held them back in their capital raise efforts.
Sample startup valuation report Sample startup valuation report

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Unbiased capital raising feedback

Making informed decisions about your startup's valuation and capital raising potential can be challenging. We're here to help.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage feedback grounded in our extensive database of 8,000+ capital raises. Each raise is backed by hundreds of data points, including SEC-disclosed financials and business performance, ensuring you get accurate and up-to-date market insights.

Seamless Market Comparisons

No need to sift through thousands of databases and deals. Provide us with a few high-level details about your business, and we'll deliver a curated list of market comps tailored for your startup.

Instant, No-Cost Reports

We understand the time and cost constraints founders face. Our commitment is to offer you a comprehensive report instantly and at no cost. No hidden fees, no gimmicks.

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Empower your capital raising journey with insights tailored for your startup. Complete a brief survey, and let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How do you model my startup's valuation and capital raise potential?
Complete a brief survey, providing details such as your startup's revenue, burn rate, industry, and other relevant attributes. We'll compare your responses with our database of over 7,000 historical capital raises to identify companies similar to yours.
Is there a fee for this service?
No, our service is entirely free for founders and potential issuers. However, if we facilitate an introduction to a funding portal at your request, we might earn a small commission from the platform.
How accurate is the valuation and capital raise assessment?
The companies we compare against have all successfully raised capital online. However, use the report results as a reference only. Factors like marketing strategies, the quality of the campaign page, specific deal terms, date and timing of the offering, and other factors can influence both valuation and the actual capital raised. These factors vary across startups and time periods.
Can this be used as a formal 409A valuation or for my Form C or 1-A valuation justification?
The results are based on actual capital fundraises under Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A. However, this information is being provided as-is for reference only. Always consult with a professional and review our disclaimers.
Can KingsCrowd assist me in raising capital online?
While KingsCrowd is an independent ratings and data provider, we are happy to make warm introductions to funding portal teams at your request. We do our best to remain unbiased and thus do not currently accept paid adversiting or marketing proposals from active issuers.
Will using this tool affect my KingsCrowd rating (current or future) or my chances of being featured on your website?
No. The completion or non-completion of this analysis tool does not influence KingsCrowd's ratings or analyst report coverage. Learn more about the KingsCrowd ratings process here.
How do you handle the data I provide about my startup?
Your privacy is paramount. Our system uses your data to identify similar startups automatically. If you seek an introduction to a funding portal, we might share your details with them. While we aggregate and anonymize data for industry trend reports, we never publicly disclose specific company data. Learn more about our data privacy policies here.