KingsCrowd Podcasts

Ep. 41 – Aaron Burnett of Spaced Ventures

Chris Lustrino welcomes Spaced Ventures founder and CEO Aaron Burnett to talk about how investors can support the future of space.

Ep. 40 – Jesse Stein of Everyrealm

Chris Lustrino welcomes Everyrealm co-founder Jesse Stein to talk about investing in and creating the metaverse.

Ep. 39 – James McGibney & Rick Bentley of Hydro Hash

Chris Lustrino gets a crash course in cryptocurrency from Rick Bentley and James McGibney from Hydro Hash.

Ep. 38 – Nathan Beckord of Foundersuite

Chris Lustrino and Nathan Beckord, founder and CEO of Foundersuite, talk about the importance of relationship building for startup founders.

Ep. 37 – Rebecca Kacaba of DealMaker

Chris Lustrino welcomes DealMaker CEO and founder Rebecca Kacaba to talk about her goal of building the Shopify for raising capital.

Ep. 36 – Emily Cisek of The Postage

Chris Lustrino welcomes Emily Cisek to talk about how her company The Postage makes end-of-life planning easy and heartfelt.

Ep. 35 – Wes Burdine of Minnesota Women’s Soccer Team

Chris Lustrino talks to Wes Burdine, co-founder of the Minnesota Women's Soccer Team, about building sustainable soccer.

Ep. 34 – Anthony Franco of M.C. Squares

On this episode of the KingsCrowd Startup Investing Podcast, Chris Lustrino welcomes M.C. Squares founder and CEO Anthony Franco.