Chris catches up with Sebastian Duque, the co-founder and CEO of Plei. Known as the “Uber of soccer,” Plei is an app that’s rapidly gaining traction, currently used in 16 US cities. With a mission to make soccer accessible and convenient, Plei has been a game-changer in connecting players and facilitating matches, with over 100,000 games played. In this episode, Sebastian shares his journey, from the early challenges to significant milestones, and provides an insightful look into how technology is transforming the world’s most popular sport.

Highlights include…

Creating a platform for on-demand pickup sports games. (5:47)
Plei’s platform growth and user experience. (10:27)
Growth strategy and sourcing facilities for a sports platform. (15:19)
Growing a sports platform with a focus on soccer as the sport trends positively in the US. (20:05)