Your Startup Portfolio Dashboard

Centralize your investments from multiple platforms for insights and smarter decision making. Track deals, manage updates, and analyze investment performance over time – all in one free tool. Optimize your investment strategy and outcomes today.

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Track Your Investments

Track your investments over time, add tags and notes to organize your startup portfolio, and see the latest valuation for investments that have raised subsequent funding rounds.
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Analyze Your Holdings

Ensure you are achieving your startup investment goals by analyzing your portfolio by industry, security type, social impact, and more.

Monitor Live Deals

Add deals to your watchlist to help manage your deal funnel and see which deals that you've expressed interest in are about to close or sell out.
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Join thousands of investors like you tracking over $55 million in startup investments.
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Track all of your startup investments in one place using our state-of-the-art portfolio tracker tools. Get advanced portfolio analytics about your holdings, track valuations and exits over time, add notes, and much more.