This week, Chris talks with Luca Zambello, founder and CEO of Jurny, a pioneering tech company augmenting the short-term rental and hospitality industry with AI automations. Born from Luca’s early forays into luxury home rentals, Jurny evolved from a property management firm to a sophisticated software provider, addressing the industry’s scalability challenges through innovative technology. Luca dives into Jurny’s development, focusing on its automation capabilities and AI-driven solutions that streamline operations and enhance guest experiences across dispersed rental properties.

Highlights include…

  • Automating hospitality industry operations, including property management and communication with guests. (4:33)
  • AI’s potential to automate back-office tasks for short-term rental companies, with a focus on specialized AI agents for (8:44)
  • AI-powered software for property management, growth opportunities, and monetization strategies. (12:45)