Chris speaks with Mark Holland, founder and CEO of Choose Your Horizon, a mental wellness company that offers at-home psychedelic therapy. Mark shares how the therapy works, using ketamine in controlled, low doses to aid in treating conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The episode illuminates how this therapy creates a dissociative experience, enabling patients to gain new perspectives on their mental health issues. Holland highlights the company’s growth trajectory, including its plan to expand to more states and possibly include more psychedelic compounds in treatment. 

Highlights include…


  • Mental wellness company using psychedelic therapy. (0:03)
  • Ketamine therapy for mental health treatment. (1:56)
  • Ketamine-assisted therapy for mental health treatment. (5:50)
  • Psychedelic therapy for mental health. (12:29)
  • Scaling a mental healthcare business with a focus on psychedelic treatments. (17:57)