Chris sits down with Dan Rutstein, President of Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC). With his diverse background spanning journalism, diplomacy, and technology, Rutstein brings a unique perspective to leading a soccer club. He discusses the club’s journey in the United Soccer League (USL), its strategies for player development, and its success in fostering a strong, community-oriented fan base. The conversation also covers the club’s approach to navigating the complexities of soccer in the U.S., including TV deals and the potential for growth in the sport.

Highlights include…

Soccer team management and growth opportunities in USL. (2:20)
US soccer league structure and TV deal with CBS. (7:44)
USL soccer league’s financial model and player development. (12:15)
Building a sustainable business model for OCSC. (17:10)
Sourcing and developing young soccer talent. (21:35)
Growing US soccer and investing in a local team. (25:16)