In this episode, Chris engages in an enlightening conversation with Haley Bryant, a pre-seed investor at Hustle Fund. As a venture capital fund focused on “hilariously” early startups, Hustle Fund is carving a path in the industry by democratizing venture capital through their Angel Squad program and seeking out exceptional founders beyond the Silicon Valley bubble. This episode dives deep into the intricacies of angel investing, explores the evolving landscape of startup funding across different regions, and discusses the critical shift towards a more data-driven venture capital approach.

Highlights include…

  • Democratizing access to venture capital. (2:04)
  • Improving diversity in venture capital and angel investing. (8:49)
  • Venture capital, geographic dispersion, and remote work. (12:27)
  • AI, data, and company growth strategies. (18:16)
  • Comparing angel investing, secondary markets, and private capital markets. (24:40)