Ashley Black has pioneered the burgeoning field of fasciology with her innovative approach to self-care. Through her flagship product, the FasciaBlaster, Black has empowered millions to manage their fascia health, enhancing both longevity and well-being. This founder profile explores Black’s personal experiences and deep-seated passion for fascia health have driven her to develop tools that offer revolutionary benefits, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in personal health care.

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Company: Ashley Black Experience
Security Type: Equity - Preferred
Valuation: $70,000,000
Min Investment: $100
Platform: Wefunder
Deadline: Apr 29, 2024
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Can you briefly describe Ashley Black?

For me, Ashley Black, Inc is a science and medical technology company that has taken a first step into the marketplace with consumer products. We are empowering people to take their fascia health into their own hands and by doing so, experiencing an increase in lifespan, healthspan and overall well-being. We are the only company in the history of the world to show in peer-reviewed and published science**, a restoration of this system of the body. 

Our foundation is the emerging science of fasciology: research on the fascia system. Fascia is known as “connective tissue” or casings around muscles, but this is an archaic understanding. Fascia is actually what feeds our cells and powers our mitochondria. It is also a quantum communication mechanism and the system of collagen fibers that determines skin quality. The world is on the cusp of learning this well-kept secret. I have devoted over 30 years to studying fascia passionately, but more importantly, how do we get our fascia as healthy as possible? And how can someone be empowered to treat their own fascia? 

Fascia needs regular care like other systems of our body, like our teeth for example. I have essentially invented the fascia equivalent of a toothbrush. A toothbrush is very simple, but everyone needs one, and everyone uses one; every day. And I bet that the first people to use a toothbrush and benefit from minty breath, clean teeth, and long-term health benefits were as excited as our first 2M FasciaBlaster users. So, in a nutshell, Ashley Black, Inc is focused on exactly what our tagline says “Bringing Fascia Health to the World”. And we do it through large social and media platforms, professional education and a scientifically proven FasciaBlaster product suite. 

What inspired you to take the leap and start this company?

Before starting the consumer goods company, I was at the top of my field in sports therapy. I contracted with a major motion film company to treat all their star actors. I was being flown around the world by Pro-Athletes, Royals, Billionaires and some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Jamie Fox. I was so successful in this arena, charging upwards of $700 an hour because I was doing something different. Fascia care was in the shadows at that time, virtually unheard of.  When you buy a quality mattress, what you are really buying is a good night’s sleep.  My clients were not buying an exclusive treatment; they were buying the ability to perform at their best and live their lives with better health and less pain. 

I was already using the prototypes for the Fasciablaster with my personal clients, and they wanted one of their own to use daily between treatments. I realized there was a huge untapped market of people who needed the benefits of fascia self-care, far beyond my wealthy clients. I became increasingly passionate about getting some version of my treatments into the hands of the masses. The original idea for the FasciaBlaster and fascia care was born from my NDE and my quest to live a normal life after being debilitated. So, I decided if I wanted to fulfill my purpose, I was going to have to educate the entire world about fascia and get a FasciaBlaster in the hands of every human on the planet. That was why I started the company, and it’s why I am still deeply passionate about it ten years later.

Can you tell us some of the benefits of manually targeting the fascia with your regenerating tool?

There was a market for manual self-care massage products long before the FasciaBlaster, such as wooden massage tools, foam rollers, and tools that apply pressure, such as gua sha tools. After the FasciaBlaster’s success, a crop of mechanical devices, such as massage guns, LED and red lights, and a host of other bandwagoners, all suddenly claimed to impact the fascia. 

The key differentiator in our tool, however, is not that it is manual, it’s the design of the FasciaBlaster tips, which would work in a manual or mechanical device, just like a toothbrush. It is the “brushes” that make the difference in a toothbrush and it is FasciaBlaster tips that make the difference in FasciaBlasters.  Fascia is present at different depths of the body, layered like a cake.  Our tools are unique in that they penetrate into the layers. All other tools roll over the fascia, pound against it or glide over it; which is why they don’t impact the fascia. 

By directly targeting the fascia with FasciaBlaster’s range of tips, we know through peer-reviewed and published science that we are remodeling the fascia tissue. This is synonymous with more familiar terms like collagen production and stem cell activation. We also know that FasciaBlasting reduces inflammation, increases metabolism, produces youth hormones, lessens cellulite, and spot reduces fat. These objectively measurable health markers aid in numerous health and beauty benefits, including arthritis, back pain, scar tissue, wrinkles and so much more. Fascia is a ubiquitous system of the body, so healthy fascia improves the health of every cell. This concept is just making its way into the leading edges of health discoveries.   I want to point out that no other device or procedure has been shown to do this. 

Can you tell us a bit about your future move into mass-market retail?

Our biggest and most exciting move into mass retail will be with our upcoming launch of mechanical FasciaBlasters, called Next Generation Fascia – shortened to “Nexcia ™” Success in retail for the manufacturer largely comes down to margins, and our Nexcia devices will have a larger margin, and will optimize the value of shelf space. Products like TheraGun, compression boots, and LED devices have established the mechanical self-care category in brick-and-mortar retail and our devices will have the benefit of a built-in community of avid users to drive turnover. Our Nexcia devices will have the same measurable effect on the fascia as our manual devices, which will be a differentiator in the recovery, longevity, beauty, and fitness markets. We have the huge added benefit of defendable patents, allowing us to build a moat around the fascia care sector within this market. 

Mechanical devices, like electric toothbrushes, appeal to people with limited physical abilities or those just seeking convenience. They have better retail margins and a sexy design that will have major shelf appeal. We will also eventually sell our manual tools alongside the Nexcia devices. We are working on vertically integrating a portion of our manufacturing to bring down our costs to a level that would make mass-market retail work for that version as well. 

What do you see as exit opportunities for the company?

I am so proud of what we have built, especially being self-funded. Our patent-protected products are beneficial to all 7B+ people on the planet, so we have no shortage of upside potential, but I have been at this long enough to understand that the company growth will always be limited by capital if I keep the majority ownership in my hands  We have been working with a consultant for over a year now to help us prepare the company and find the right strategic acquisition partner.  The DTC consumer goods company is a solid business that has stood the test of time for 10 years, unlike 99% of brands in our space. We want to exit when we can capitalize on the value of both a solid foundation and high upside growth potential. We believe that the time frame is 18-24 months, and we believe it will be based on the attractive margins of our DTC FasciaBlaster business and the retail opportunities of the Nexcia. An exit through strategic acquisition, or possibly an IPO, will provide the larger level of growth capital needed to accelerate the brand’s mission, bringing fascia health to the world.   

Let me be clear: I am not looking to retire to the beach just yet.  I would of course, retain an equity interest and serve as spokesperson and product innovator for the company and ensure the brand remains a global fascia authority. With 9M social followers and two #1 Best Selling books and inventor of the products and methods, I feel I can best serve the company and the mission in this capacity.  

As an ecommerce and consumer products company, how do you uniquely prioritize profitability and growth?

Well, being self-funded meant that profitability has not been a “nice to have” goal it has been an absolute necessity for survival.  The grow-at-all-costs mindset adopted by so many venture-backed companies has resulted in too many failed and “under water” businesses to count. We have always had an eye on remaining profitable while also growing. It’s a lot of trial and error. It’s always a game of lowering the cost of acquiring a customer and keeping the expenses lean, while investing enough in product development and marketing to grow. This has taken us many years to get right, but we have learned hard lessons and are wiser now.  Q1 of this year, we reduced our G&A expenses by almost 40%, which increased our EBITDA margin by 80% over Q1 last year. We have reduced our COGs by 10% and plan to reduce it much further with in house manufacturing. We fight a daily battle to lower the CPA through surgical precision in our digital ads management and diversifying our marketing channels. To compete in the health and beauty ecommerce space, you must be agile and able to pivot quickly. This dance is our strong suit. With diversifying our marketing platforms, increasing our renewables percentage, keeping our G&A at a minimum, and maximizing CLV, we are on a path to increase our EBITDA to over 15% this year, putting us far above the industry average of 3.3%*.   

What is the most important lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?

Prioritize mental and physical health and stay calm. Always focus on the well being of the customer and everything else will fall into place. March to the beat of your own drum and always protect your technology and your moat with IP.  Above all, Never Never give up!