Ashley Black Experience

Ashley Black Experience

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Innovative Health & Beauty E-Commerce

Innovative Health & Beauty E-Commerce


Raised to Date: Raised: $776,948

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Equity - Preferred


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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

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Houston, Texas

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Ashley Black Experience, with a valuation of $70 million, is raising funds on Wefunder. It is an innovative health and beauty e-commerce company bringing fascia health to the world. Ashley Black Experience has integrated its deep understanding of fascia science with defensible patent protection to create its FasciaBlasters technology that activates the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. The technology has been used to develop more than 100 products that benefit appearance, health, and performance. The business has generated $170 million in lifetime revenues and has 1.7 million customers with a 58% repeat customer repurchase rate. Ashley Black founded Ashley Black Experience in May 2014. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $50,000 and a maximum target of $3.1 million. The campaign proceeds will be used for inventory, working capital refinancing, manufacturing investment to lower the cost of goods, market expansion, app development, and supply chain vertical integration.

Summary Profit and Loss Statement

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Summary Balance Sheet

FY 2022 FY 2021




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Financials as of: 03/21/2024
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Raise History

Offering Name Close Date Platform Valuation/Cap Total Raised Security Type Status Reg Type
Ashley Black Experience 04/28/2024 Wefunder $70,000,000 $776,948 Equity - Preferred Funded RegCF
Ashley Black Experience 07/15/2022 Wefunder $50,000,000 $2,814,290 Convertible Note Funded RegCF
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Founder Profile

Ashley Black: Pioneering Fascia Health with Groundbreaking Tools

Ashley Black has pioneered the burgeoning field of fasciology with her innovative approach to self-care. Through her flagship product, the FasciaBlaster, Black has empowered millions to manage their fascia health, enhancing both longevity and well-being. This founder profile explores Black’s personal experiences and deep-seated passion for fascia health have driven her to develop tools that offer revolutionary benefits, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in personal health care.

Read Founder Interview

Analyst Report


The Ashley Black Experience represents a unique, groundbreaking health and beauty e-commerce innovation. Born out of founder Ashley Black's health challenges, including juvenile arthritis and a life-threatening bone-eating bacteria, this company has risen to become a beacon of hope and healing for millions. Ashley's journey led her to discover and harness the healing potential of fascia science, which explores the connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs. This exploration birthed the FasciaBlasters technology, a suite of over 100 products designed to activate the body's natural healing mechanisms, enhancing appearance, health, and performance.

With a staggering $170 million in lifetime revenues and a customer base of 1.7 million, boasting a 58% repeat customer repurchase rate, Ashley Black Experience stands as a testament to the demand and efficacy of its offerings. The company's success is not just in numbers but in its impact on individuals' lives, providing innovative and deeply personal solutions.

The company's business strategy is as robust as its product line. It focuses on inventory expansion, working capital refinancing, manufacturing investments to lower the cost of goods, market expansion, app development, and supply chain vertical integration. These strategic moves aim to enhance the company's operational efficiency and market reach, ensuring that Ashley Black's vision continues to touch more lives around the globe.

Despite facing a projected decrease in revenue for 2024, the Ashley Black Experience is operating more profitably than ever before, with a projection of approximately $2.38 million in profit for the year (based on the current run rate). This indicates a strong operational foundation and a business model that can weather fluctuations while maintaining profitability.

The Ashley Black Experience is more than a company; it's a movement towards a healthier, more empowered society. It stands at the intersection of personal healing and scientific innovation, offering products that resonate with a wide audience seeking natural, effective solutions to their health and beauty concerns. With a solid financial foundation, a deeply personal brand story, and a visionary leader, the Ashley Black Experience is poised for continued growth and impact in the health and beauty space.

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The Ashley Black Experience is raising funds at a pre-money valuation of $70 million, with a price per share of $7.00. This valuation is grounded in the company's impressive track record in the health and beauty e-commerce sector, particularly in the niche market of fascia health. 

With an annual revenue of $25,611,558 and a revenue multiple of 2.73x, the Ashley Black Experience is priced attractively compared to the broader healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, where higher multiples are common. This suggests that the investment offers potential for significant upside, especially considering the company's growth trajectory and the expanding interest in anti-aging and health wellness products. The addressable market for US Anti-Aging is poised for growth, and with the company's innovative FasciaBlasters technology, Ashley Black Experience is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.

The company's growth stage and low capital intensity further enhance its appeal as an investment opportunity. Funding for inventory, market expansion, app development, and supply chain vertical integration indicates a strategic approach to scaling the business and improving operational efficiencies. This strategic allocation of resources is likely to bolster the company's competitive edge and facilitate continued growth.

However, potential investors should consider the company's debt levels, which were $4,680,446 and $7,577,828 at the end of the most recent fiscal year. While these figures are not uncommon for a growth-stage company, they highlight the importance of its future revenue growth and profitability in managing its financial obligations.

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The Ashley Black Experience operates within the burgeoning US anti-aging market, which, according to Vantage Market Research, is set to reach an impressive $17.97 billion by 2024. This market demonstrates a steady growth rate of 6.8%, reflecting growing consumer demand for products and technologies that combat the effects of aging. Ashley Black Experience, with its innovative focus on fascia health through its patented FasciaBlasters technology, positions itself uniquely within this large and growing market.

The company's success, evidenced by its $170 million in lifetime revenues and a strong customer base of 1.7 million with a 58% repeat purchase rate, underscores the high market acceptance of its offerings. This performance is particularly notable in a competitive market, suggesting that while there are established competitors, Ashley Black Experience has carved out a distinct niche for itself with its focus on fascia health as a component of anti-aging.

However, the anti-aging market's size and growth trajectory imply that Ashley Black Experience must continue innovating and differentiating its product offerings to maintain its competitive edge. The company's commitment to developing over 100 products that benefit appearance, health, and performance, along with plans for market expansion and app development, indicates a strategic approach to leveraging its market position and addressing the diverse needs of its customer base.

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The Ashley Black Experience is spearheaded by its founder and President, Ashley Black, a renowned health and beauty industry figure. Black's journey into the world of fascia health is deeply personal, stemming from her health struggles, including juvenile arthritis and a life-threatening bone infection. This personal connection to her company's mission is a powerful driver of her commitment and passion. With 19 years of relevant industry experience, Black has successfully translated her expertise into the creation and growth of the Ashley Black Experience. Her story and the innovative FasciaBlasters technology have resonated with a vast audience, as evidenced by the company's impressive $170 million in lifetime revenues and a strong customer base of 1.7 million, with a remarkable 58% repeat customer repurchase rate.

Black's educational background—she graduated from a top-100 university—and extensive experience position her well to lead the company in its mission to bring fascia health to the forefront of the health and beauty industry. Under her leadership, the Ashley Black Experience has developed over 100 products that leverage the company's patented FasciaBlasters technology. This technology, which activates the body's natural healing mechanisms, is at the core of the company's success and innovation.

The team at Ashley Black Experience, numbering 32 members, supports the company's operations and growth. While specific details about the team's composition and individual expertise are not provided, the company's achievements suggest a well-coordinated effort behind its founder. The team's ability to maintain a high customer repurchase rate and generate significant lifetime revenues speaks to their effectiveness in product development, marketing, and customer service.

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The Ashley Black Experience differentiates itself in the crowded health and beauty market through its unique focus on fascia health. Utilizing the founder's personal health journey and discoveries in fascia science, the company has created the FasciaBlaster technology, a suite of products designed to activate the body's natural healing mechanisms. This proprietary technology, backed by defensible patent protection, positions Ashley Black Experience uniquely among competitors by offering a solution for enhancing appearance and improving health and performance.

With over 100 products developed using FasciaBlaster technology, Ashley Black Experience has successfully tapped into the growing consumer demand for holistic, science-backed health and beauty solutions. This broad product range, with a compelling founder story and a strong emphasis on research and innovation, provides a competitive edge in the market.

In a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with generic anti-aging and wellness products, Ashley Black Experience's focus on a niche aspect of health (fascia health) and commitment to scientific innovation make it stand out. 

Next Section: Performance


Ashley Black Experience has demonstrated impressive financial and operational performance since its inception. The company, specializing in health and beauty e-commerce, focusing on fascia health, has generated $170 million in lifetime revenues, showcasing its strong market presence and consumer demand for its products. With an annual revenue of $25.6 million and a solid annual revenue growth of 66.64%, Ashley Black Experience is in a robust financial position. This growth is particularly notable, considering the company operates in the competitive healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry.

The business has attracted a large and loyal customer base, boasting 1.7 million customers and a 58% repeat customer repurchase rate. This high repurchase rate underscores the effectiveness and customer satisfaction with the company's FasciaBlaster technology and its suite of over 100 products designed to improve appearance, health, and performance.

Despite not expanding its team since the last funding round, Ashley Black Experience has continued to make significant strides in product development and market penetration. The company's ability to maintain a healthy cash position, with cash and cash equivalents most recently reported at $752,249, further emphasizes its operational efficiency and financial prudence. This is supported by the company's successful fundraising efforts, having raised over $3.38 million in prior rounds.

Next Section: Risk


The Ashley Black Experience demonstrates a strong market presence with its innovative FasciaBlaster technology and a solid customer base. However, this investment carries unique risks. The company operates in the highly competitive health and beauty e-commerce sector, where consumer preferences can shift quickly, potentially impacting the demand for its products. While the company has a high repeat customer repurchase rate, maintaining and growing this base requires continuous innovation and marketing to stay ahead of consumer trends and competitor offerings.

Another risk is related to production and quality control, which are inherent in any company producing physical goods. Ashley Black Experience has over 100 products, and any lapses in quality control could lead to product recalls or harm the brand’s reputation, affecting sales and customer trust. Given the company's reliance on its patented FasciaBlaster technology, ensuring consistent product quality is crucial.

Financially, Ashley Black Experience has significant short- and long-term debt, which could impact its operational flexibility. It will be delicate to manage this debt while continuing to invest in growth initiatives such as inventory, manufacturing, market expansion, and app development. High debt levels may limit the company’s ability to quickly pivot or capitalize on new opportunities.

Next Section: Bullish Outlook

Bullish Outlook

The Ashley Black Experience stands out in the health and beauty e-commerce, primarily due to its innovative approach to fascia health. With over $170 million in lifetime revenues and a substantial customer base of 1.7 million, the company has demonstrated its ability to scale and maintain a strong market presence. The 58% repeat customer repurchase rate underscores its users' high satisfaction and loyalty, indicating a solid foundation for future growth.

The company’s deep understanding of fascia science and its proprietary FasciaBlasters technology gives it a competitive edge in the burgeoning US Anti-Aging market. The patented technology not only differentiates Ashley Black Experience from competitors but also offers a barrier to entry for potential new entrants, securing its position in a slightly competitive landscape.

Financially, Ashley Black Experience has shown impressive performance. Despite a projected revenue decrease in 2024, the company's profitability appears to be on the rise, with a projected net profit of approximately $2.38 million based on current margins. Despite revenue fluctuations, this shift towards greater profitability demonstrates the company's operational efficiency and potential for sustained financial health.

The founder's personal journey and commitment to improving health through fascia research lend a compelling narrative to the brand, enhancing its marketing efforts and customer engagement. Ashley Black's status as a recognized figure in the health and wellness arena further amplifies the brand's visibility and credibility.

Next Section: Bearish Outlook

Bearish Outlook

Despite the Ashley Black Experience's impressive achievements and a strong customer base, several factors present potential risks to investors. The company operates in the highly volatile health and beauty sector, particularly focusing on anti-aging and fascia health, subject to rapidly changing consumer preferences and regulatory scrutiny. While the company boasts a 58% repeat customer repurchase rate, the reliance on a single product line, the FasciaBlasters technology, could limit growth potential if market trends shift away from this niche.

Moreover, the revenue projection for 2024 shows a concerning trend with an anticipated ~30% decrease from the last reported revenue in 2022 (based on the current run rate from the last three months). Although the company is expected to run more profitably, with a projected net profit of ~$2.38 million in 2024 (based on current margins from the last three months), the declining revenue trend could signal saturation in the company’s current market or inefficiencies in scaling the business.

The low barriers to entry in the e-commerce sector and the slightly competitive landscape also pose threats. Without significant and continuous innovation, Ashley Black Experience may struggle to maintain its market position against emerging competitors who can quickly enter the market with similar or improved products. The health and beauty industry is notorious for its fast-paced innovation and consumer-driven trends, requiring companies to evolve to stay relevant constantly.

Next Section: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Ashley Black Experience, founded by Ashley Black in May 2014, stands out in the health and beauty e-commerce market with its innovative FasciaBlasters technology. This technology, based on Ashley Black's health journey and a deep understanding of fascia science, has led to the development of over 100 products that aim to improve appearance, health, and performance. The company has demonstrated significant success, generating $170 million in lifetime revenues and cultivating a large customer base of 1.7 million, with an impressive 58% repeat customer repurchase rate.

The company operates within the 2024 US Anti-Aging market, an industry characterized by low barriers to entry but also by Ashley Black Experience's competitive edge due to its patented technologies and founder's fame. Ashley Black Experience has seen over 66% revenue increase to $25.6 million in 2022 from $15.37 million in 2021. However, it's important to note that the company is projecting a 30% decrease in revenue for 2024, with a 12-month revenue run rate of approximately $17.8 million. Despite this projected decrease, the company's profitability is on the rise, with a current net margin of $198,656 per month, leading to a rough projection of approximately $2.38 million profit in 2024.

The proceeds from the current crowdfunding campaign, which seeks to raise between $50,000 and $3.1 million, will be allocated to inventory, working capital refinancing, manufacturing investment to lower the cost of goods, market expansion, app development, and supply chain vertical integration. This strategic use of funds aims to bolster the company's market position and enhance operational efficiency.

Given Ashley Black Experience's proven track record, innovative product offering, and strategic focus on profitability and market expansion, the company presents an intriguing opportunity for investors. The company's ability to navigate the competitive landscape, its focus on proprietary technology, and its strong customer base position it well for continued growth and success in the health and beauty sector.


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Company Updates

In this company update, we look at Ashley Black Experience announcing a new crowdfunding round on Wefunder at a $70M valuation, reflecting on the company’s strong revenue growth since its previous crowdfunding round and predicting its 2024 performance.

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