KingsCrowd Capital, the fund arm of KingsCrowd, is a $1.7 million ETF-like fund investing across the online private markets. Our investment strategy heavily relies on our proprietary Merlin ratings algorithm. Accredited investors have the opportunity to directly invest in KingsCrowd Capital, while non-accredited investors can participate alongside us by accessing each published “Top Deal,” which reflects a KC Capital investment. These reports provide detailed insights into our investment rationale, offering an insider perspective on our decision-making process.
This week, our senior associate Olivia Strobl dug into the statistics derived from our portfolio of companies in 2023. It’s important to note that not every company in our portfolio provided updates, and not all updates can be shared, so the data presented here represents a subset of our total investments:
  • KingsCrowd Capital has made 32 investments in 31 companies since 2022, with one investment being a follow-on round.
  • Portfolio companies span various industries, from food and beverage to healthcare technology, reflecting KingsCrowd Capital’s industry-agnostic approach.
  • The average revenue of KingsCrowd Capital portfolio companies in 2023 amounted to $3.3 million. For comparison, the average revenue for all active equity deals with 2023 data is $538,876.
  • Portfolio companies maintained an average cash balance of $397,000 throughout 2023. This is slightly below the average for all active equity deals with 2023 data, which currently stands at $648,213.
  • Regarding runway, KingsCrowd Capital portfolio companies averaged 10.8 months, with some companies being profitable and the lowest runway recorded at two months. All active equity deals currently average 7.5 months (excluding those that are profitable.)
  • In 2023, KingsCrowd Capital portfolio companies employed an average of 19.5 full-time workers, with the smallest headcount at three and the largest at 72. The average headcount for all active equity deals in 2023 is 9.6.