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Industry Analysis - October 25, 2022

Impact Startup Investing: September 2022

The Surprising Truth About Long-Term Debt

This Chart of the Week breaks down long-term debt by product type to reveal a surprising truth about which startups have the most debt.

Finding the Hottest and Coolest Industries by Burn Rate

In this Chart of the Week, we identify which industries have the highest and lowest average monthly burn rates.

How Many Worms Did Startups Offer Early Bird Investors?

This Chart of the Week examines early bird discounts for online startup investments since January 2020.

Startup Trends: Food & Beverages

Being healthy and sustainable is in, and these startups are bringing new ideas to the kitchen table.

Where to Find High Quality Startup Deals

In this Chart of the Week, we try to identify the online startup investing platforms with high quality deals.

Impact Startup Investing: August 2022

As climate change worsens, a growing number of companies claim to prioritize sustainability. But some companies “greenwash” their brand or…

Finding Fair Startup Valuations

This Chart of the Week examines revenue-to-valuation multiples across industries to help investors find fair valuations.

Female Founders Are Still Getting a Tiny Slice of the VC Pie

In this Chart of the Week, we explore how many female-founded companies received additional venture capital funding in 2021.