April marks the end of the first quarter of the year. We collected data on equity and debt deals raising via Regulation CF and A+. Let’s take a look at how the online private markets fared from January through March of 2024:
  • Investors committed $180.8 million to startups raising online in the first quarter of 2024. Equity deals made up $164.9 million or 91% and debt deals made up $15.8 million or 8.7% of committed capital.
  • 357 new deals went live this quarter. 227, or 63.5% were equity deals. 130, or 36.4% were debt deals.
  • The top platform receiving the most equity investments this past quarter was Dalmore Group, bringing in more than $58.6 million.
  • The top industry for equity investments was Energy, Power, & Natural Resources, with $33 million in funding for the quarter.
  • The top platform for debt investments for Q1 was Dealmaker, with just over $4 million in commitments.
  • The Food, Beverage, & Restaurants industry topped the charts for debt commitments in Q1 with $4.5 million committed.