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Powerful Financial Planning Tools in Your Pocket

Powerful Financial Planning Tools in Your Pocket


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Financial & Insurance Products & Services

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Arlington, Virginia

Keeping track of your finances is anything but simple. The average person visits seven (or more!) websites and apps each month to manage it all. In this day and age, shouldn’t there be a more streamlined solution?

Well, with 1787fp there is! 1787fp is a one-stop-finance-shop. It combines three powerful financial management tools on one unified platform: investments, financial planning/tracking tools, and credit reporting. 1787fp also uses machine learning, so the software gets smarter the more it’s used, and the mobile-first design and interface are both user-friendly and attractive. Plus, it offers mobile/web software for financial planning and investments.

And so far, 1787fp is gaining some noteworthy attention. It was one of 22 startups accepted to the University of Virginia’s 2016 i.Lab Accelerator; it earned the FinDEVr Silicon Valley Press Media Award in October 2016; and it was one of 20 startups selected for the prestigious SXSW Startup Spotlight in March 2017. Considering that the asset and wealth management business is a $30 trillion market, and mobile transactions are projected to grow to $142 billion by 2019 from $8.7 billion in 2015, and you understand why the type of attention 1787fp is earning is pretty impressive.

Add in the fact that robo advisor assets under management are projected to grow by 250% to $5 trillion in 2020, and you start to see why 1787fp could be the future of financial services. Founder and CEO, Jean J. Borno, has over fifteen years experience in financial services, and he was tired of seeing only the wealthy have access to it all. So, he created 1787fp as a financial solution that everyone could use. He believes that 1787fp can help improve the world by advancing financial services, technology, and entrepreneurship -- which is also why he believes in crowdsource investing. The very people that use1787fp should be the ones benefiting from investing in it.

1787fp wants to empower you to find financial success. And with more financial success, imagine what else you could accomplish. With 1787fp, your opportunities become endless.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
Do you currently manage your finances online or with apps? Or do you need help managing your finances to begin with? If you feel like you need some financial assistance, whether you’re a fresh college grad or have kids freshly entering college, 1787fp could be the financial solution you’ve been looking for. Investing in 1787fp means stronger finances for everyone...and a world with stronger personal finance is a world from which everyone can benefit.
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Security Type: Equity - Common
Valuation: $24,000,000
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