Ingen Dynamics

Ingen Dynamics

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Pioneering a Robotics, AI, and Automation Platform for Everyone

Pioneering a Robotics, AI, and Automation Platform for Everyone


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Dealmaker Securities

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InGen Dynamics, with a valuation of $4.368 million, is raising funds through Dealmaker Securities. The company is pioneering AI and robotics solutions to address the global worker shortage and improve living standards worldwide. Their flagship product, Aido, is a next-generation modular service robot designed for households, hospitality, healthcare, and retail, while Sentinel delivers highly accurate deep learning and AI-based real-time event detections. InGen Dynamics has showcased growth with an $80M revenue pipeline, $8M in LOIs for their robotics, and $35M in Origami AI commitments. The company has also secured a $150M share subscription facility from GEM Global Emerging Markets. Arshad Hisham founded InGen Dynamics in 2016. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $10,000 and a maximum target of $4.944 million. The campaign proceeds will be used for sales & marketing, inventory & shipping, legal & accounting, operations, and R&D.

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Financials as of: 09/07/2023
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InGen Dynamics is a company focused on leveraging the power of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation to address global challenges. With a growing labor shortage and an increasing demand for efficiency in various sectors, InGen Dynamics aims to provide innovative solutions that can transform both business and personal environments.

The company's flagship product, Aido, is a next-generation modular service robot designed for various settings, including households, hospitality, healthcare, and retail. This versatile robot can be customized to perform a wide range of tasks, making it a valuable asset in various industries. In addition to Aido, InGen Dynamics also offers Sentinel, a platform that delivers highly accurate, AI-based real-time event detections. This technology can be particularly useful in security and surveillance applications.

InGen Dynamics has shown promising growth, with an $80 million revenue pipeline, $8 million in Letters of Intent for their robotics, and $35 million in commitments for their Origami AI platform. 

With the funds raised from the current crowdfunding campaign, InGen Dynamics plans to invest in sales and marketing, inventory and shipping, legal and accounting, operations, and research and development. These investments will allow the company to continue innovating and developing new solutions to meet the growing demand for automation and robotics.

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InGen Dynamics is raising funds at a valuation of $4.368 million for a valuation-to-revenue multiple of 26.47. While this multiple may seem high, robotics companies tend to trend higher with respect to valuation and revenue multiples.

Considering the company's innovative solutions, strong revenue pipeline, and strategic partnerships, InGen Dynamics appears to be fairly valued at its current stage of growth. Investors should carefully evaluate the potential for future revenue growth and market adoption of InGen Dynamics' products.

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Ingen Dynamics operates in the US household robots market, a sector that is poised for significant growth. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% and is valued at an impressive $2.668 billion. This growth is driven by advancements in AI, automation, and robotics technology, and an increased demand for automated solutions in household chores and personal assistance.

However, Ingen Dynamics faces a competitive landscape. There are well-established competitors in the market such as Amazon's Astro, Temi, Elli-Q, and Moxie. These competitors have developed similar robotics solutions aimed at enhancing living standards, making the market highly competitive. This requires Ingen Dynamics to constantly innovate and differentiate its offerings to stay competitive.

Despite the competition, the company's market acceptance is currently low, which could be a challenge in gaining a significant market share. The penetration of household robots in the market is still in its early stages, and potential customers may be hesitant to adopt these technologies due to factors such as high costs, lack of understanding, and concerns over privacy and security.

In conclusion, while Ingen Dynamics operates in a growing market with high potential, the company faces significant competition and low market acceptance. Its success will largely depend on its ability to overcome these challenges and effectively execute its growth strategy.

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InGen Dynamics is led by its founder and CEO, Arshad Hisham. Hisham has over 8 years of relevant industry experience and is dedicated to driving the company's growth. He possesses high-level managerial skills and has successfully raised funds for InGen Dynamics. Hisham is a first-time founder and has demonstrated strong leadership in guiding the company's vision and strategy.

Overall, InGen Dynamics is led by a dedicated founder with relevant industry experience and supported by a team focused on leveraging robotics, AI, and automation to address global challenges. Their innovative solutions have the potential to make a significant impact in the US Household Robots Market and beyond.

Next Section: Differentiation


InGen Dynamics offers Aido, a modular service robot designed for various applications such as households, hospitality, healthcare, and retail. Additionally, the company provides Sentinel, which offers real-time event detections using deep learning and AI-based technology. These products are similar to what is already available in the market, suggesting that InGen Dynamics' differentiation level in terms of quality and price may be relatively low.

Despite facing competition from other established solutions, InGen Dynamics has shown growth potential with an $80 million revenue pipeline, $8 million in letters of intent for their robotics, and $35 million in Origami AI commitments. 

However, it's important to note that InGen Dynamics does not have any disclosed partnerships or patents, which could potentially limit its competitive advantage in the market. The company's success will depend on its ability to effectively market its products, build customer relationships, and continue to innovate in the field of automation, AI, and robotics.

Next Section: Performance


InGen Dynamics has already secured several commitments and partnerships. The company has an $80 million revenue pipeline, $8 million in letters of intent (LOIs) for its robotics products, and $35 million in commitments for its Origami AI solution. Additionally, InGen Dynamics has secured a $150 million share subscription facility from GEM Global Emerging Markets. These commitments and partnerships demonstrate external validation and potential for future growth. The company also reported annual revenue of $165,000 in 2022

Overall, InGen Dynamics shows promise in its mission to address the labor shortage through robotics, AI, and automation. The company's revenue generation, commitments, and partnerships indicate potential for growth and market acceptance of its products and solutions. However, as an early-stage company, InGen Dynamics still faces challenges in terms of product development, team growth, and revenue scalability. Investors should carefully evaluate the company's progress and future prospects before making any investment decisions. 

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Investing in InGen Dynamics carries several risks that potential investors should consider. Firstly, the market acceptance of their products, particularly their flagship product Aido, is currently low. The consumer market for household robots is still in its early stages, and there is no guarantee of widespread adoption and success. Additionally, InGen Dynamics faces significant competition from established players in the industry, such as Amazon Astro, Temi, Elli-Q, and Moxie. These competitors have already gained traction in the market and may pose challenges to InGen Dynamics' market share and growth potential.

Another risk factor is the company's financial situation. InGen Dynamics has a history of negative net income, indicating financial instability and potential cash flow issues. The company's limited cash and cash equivalents further exacerbate this risk. In addition, InGen Dynamics has a high capital intensity level, which means it requires significant investments in production and inventory to scale its operations. This may lead to increased financial pressure and the need for additional funding.

Next Section: Bullish Outlook

Bullish Outlook

InGen Dynamics has demonstrated significant growth potential, with an $80 million revenue pipeline and $8 million in letters of intent (LOIs) for their robotics solutions. The company has already showcased its ability to secure substantial funding, including a $150 million share subscription facility from GEM Global Emerging Markets. This funding will provide InGen Dynamics with the necessary resources to execute its growth strategy and further expand its market presence.

While the competitive landscape in this industry is moderately competitive, InGen Dynamics has established itself as a key player through its product offerings and focus on addressing critical challenges in the labor market. The barriers to entry in this sector are high, providing InGen Dynamics with a competitive advantage.

Overall, InGen Dynamics' innovative approach, strong revenue pipeline, and commitment to research and development position the company for long-term success. With its moonshot mentality and ambitious growth plans, InGen Dynamics has the potential to disrupt the robotics and automation industry and deliver substantial returns for investors.

Next Section: Bearish Outlook

Bearish Outlook

InGen Dynamics is operating in a highly competitive market, with established players such as Amazon Astro, Temi, Elli-Q, and Moxie already offering consumer robotics solutions. While InGen Dynamics aims to pioneer a robotics, AI, and automation platform for everyone, it faces significant challenges in standing out from its competitors. Without any notable partnerships to leverage or patented technology to differentiate itself, InGen Dynamics may struggle to gain market share in this crowded space.

Furthermore, the company's financials raise concerns. With only $165,000 in annual revenue and a net loss of over $324,000, InGen Dynamics has yet to prove its ability to generate sustainable profits. The company's burn rate of $27,014.25 per month suggests that it is heavily reliant on external funding to sustain its operations. This financial dependence poses risks for investors, as it raises questions about the company's long-term viability.

Next Section: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

InGen Dynamics is a robotics and AI company that aims to address the global labor shortage and enhance living standards through automation. The company's flagship product, Aido, is a next-generation service robot designed for various sectors such as households, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Another product, Sentinel, provides highly accurate real-time event detections based on deep learning and AI.

The company has demonstrated potential growth with an $80 million revenue pipeline, $8 million in LOIs for their robotics, and $35 million in Origami AI commitments. It has also secured a $150 million share subscription facility from GEM Global Emerging Markets. However, despite these promising figures, the company reported an annual revenue of only $165,000 and a net loss of $324,171 in the most recent fiscal year.

The robotics market is moderately competitive, with major players such as Amazon Astro and Temi. Despite this, InGen Dynamics has managed to carve out a niche for itself with its innovative products. The company operates in a high-growth market with significant potential, especially given the increasing labor shortages worldwide. However, the high capital intensity of the sector and the company's pre-profit status may pose risks for potential investors.

The proceeds from the current crowdfunding campaign, which aims to raise between $10,000 and $4.944 million, will be used for sales & marketing, inventory & shipping, legal & accounting, operations, and R&D. With a pre-money valuation of $4.368 million, InGen Dynamics presents an opportunity for investors interested in the AI and robotics sector.


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