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We use a new genetics platform to develop better vaccines for flu, COVID-19, etc

We use a new genetics platform to develop better vaccines for flu, COVID-19, etc


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PASADENA, California

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InvVax, with a valuation of $10 million, is raising funds on Wefunder. The company is using a new genetic platform to develop better vaccines for flu, COVID-19, and bird flu. InvVax finds regions of the vaccine that cannot mutate using a sophisticated scientific platform and targets these regions to create next-generation vaccines. As a result, InvVax vaccines will be more efficient, work against all strains, and offer flu pandemic protection. Arthur Young founded InvVax in January 2013. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $50,000 and a maximum target of $1.24 million. The campaign proceeds will be used for discovery work in other viral pathogens and preclinical studies on the influenza virus.

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Financials as of: 07/21/2023
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Influenza, or the flu, is a highly contagious viral infection that can cause severe illness and life-threatening complications, including pneumonia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza has resulted in between 9 million and 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 and 810,000 hospitalizations, and between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 in the United States alone.

While annual influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza, the CDC estimates that recent flu vaccines have been only 40% to 60% effective. This is because the flu virus mutates rapidly, and the strains in the vaccine must be chosen many months before the flu season starts. If the circulating strains of the virus are not well matched to the strains in the vaccine, the vaccine's effectiveness decreases.

InvVax is developing a universal influenza vaccine to overcome these limitations. The company has mapped the entire flu genome and identified 15 regions of the virus that cannot mutate without the virus self-destructing. By targeting these regions, InvVax aims to create a vaccine that is more efficient, works against all strains of the virus, and offers protection against flu pandemics.

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InvVax is raising funds on Wefunder at a valuation of $10 million. While InvVax is in the early stages of development, the potential of its genetic platform for vaccine development is promising. The company already tested its solution on mice and has some positive initial results. InvVax's valuation of $10 million appears reasonable, considering its potential to disrupt the vaccine industry and address global health challenges.

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InvVax is a part of the global vaccine market, and is experiencing a dynamic expansion. The market is valued at $124.2 billion and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6%. This growth is driven by increasing awareness of the value of vaccines in preventing diseases and introducing new vaccines for conditions that impact low-income countries. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated this growth and brought a heightened focus on vaccines' role in global health.

While the market is currently dominated by several large players like Moderna, Sanofi, Sinovac, BioNTech, and GSK, the demand for new, more efficient vaccines is high. This demand and the need for vaccines that can work against all strains and offer flu pandemic protection provides a significant opportunity for InvVax. As the company develops its scientifically engineered vaccines, it has the potential to capture a sizable share of this growing market.

However, companies in this sector face significant regulatory scrutiny. Approval processes for new vaccines are rigorous and lengthy, creating market entry and growth barriers. These high approval and license regulations mean that InvVax will need to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of its vaccines in extensive clinical trials before gaining the necessary regulatory approvals for widespread use.

The market for vaccines is also highly competitive. Larger, more established companies have significant resources and established distribution networks. As such, InvVax will need to prove its vaccines' unique capabilities and benefits to differentiate itself and succeed in this market. Despite these challenges, the growing demand for efficient and comprehensive vaccines means that the market potential for InvVax is high.

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InvVax is led by founder and CEO Arthur Young. With 14 years of relevant industry experience, Young brings a deep understanding of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector to the company. He has dedicated himself to developing a new genetic platform for creating better vaccines for influenza, COVID-19, and bird flu. Young's expertise and passion for finding regions of the vaccine that cannot mutate have driven the development of InvVax's next-generation vaccines.

As the sole founder of InvVax, Young has successfully raised funds from notable investors such as Life Science Angels, Sand Hill Angels, and Tech Coast Angels.

While the team at InvVax is small, consisting of only three members, they possess complementary skills and expertise. Young's leadership, industry experience, and the team's dedication will be crucial in advancing InvVax's genetic platform and bringing their innovative vaccines to market.

Overall, the InvVax team, led by founder and CEO Arthur Young, is well-equipped to drive the company's growth and make significant advancements in developing next-generation vaccines. Their expertise and dedication to their mission position InvVax as a promising healthcare and pharmaceutical industry player.

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InvVax is entering a highly competitive market to develop better vaccines for influenza, COVID-19, and bird flu. While the company claims to have a unique genetic platform that identifies regions of the vaccine that cannot mutate, similar claims have been made by established competitors such as Moderna, Sanofi, Sinovac, BioNTech, and GSK. These companies have also invested significant resources into vaccine development and have a strong foothold in the market.

While InvVax's approach of targeting regions of the vaccine that cannot mutate may sound promising, it remains to be seen how effective this strategy will be in practice. The company has conducted studies on mice to demonstrate the efficacy of its vaccine against the flu virus. Still, further preclinical and clinical trials will be necessary to validate these findings and ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in humans.

Overall, InvVax faces significant barriers to entry in the highly competitive and regulated vaccine market. The company must demonstrate superior efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness compared to established solutions to gain market share and successfully commercialize its vaccines. Continued research and development and partnerships with industry leaders will be crucial for InvVax to differentiate itself and establish a strong presence in the global vaccines market.

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InvVax is a biotech company in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry focused on developing next-generation vaccines for the flu, COVID-19, and bird flu. The company utilizes a new genetic platform that identifies regions of the vaccine that cannot mutate, allowing for the creation of more efficient and effective vaccines that work against all strains of the virus. InvVax's goal is to develop the world's first universal influenza vaccine.

Currently, InvVax is in the preclinical stage of development. The company has conducted a study on mice, demonstrating that its vaccine is effective against the lethal challenge of the flu virus. This is a positive indication of the potential efficacy of InvVax's vaccine.

Financially, InvVax has raised $2.76 million in prior funding rounds and has a valuation of $10 million. The company had cash of $54,311 as of July and a burn rate of $56,000. InvVax is in a critical financial state and needs to raise to be able to continue its operations.

InvVax is raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, with a minimum target of $50,000 and a maximum target of $1.24 million. The proceeds from this campaign will be used for discovery work in other viral pathogens and preclinical studies on the influenza virus.

Overall, InvVax is in the early stages of development and has not yet generated revenue or established partnerships. However, the company's innovative approach to vaccine development and promising preclinical results position it for potential growth and success in the future.

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Investing in InvVax carries several risks that potential investors should know. Firstly, InvVax is still in the early stages of development and has not yet brought any products to market. The company is currently in Phase II of its bio development, which indicates that it still has significant hurdles to overcome before its vaccines can be commercialized. This poses a risk as there is uncertainty about the effectiveness and safety of InvVax's vaccines and the timeline for regulatory approval.

Furthermore, InvVax faces intense competition in the pharmaceutical industry, with established players such as Moderna, Sanofi, Sinovac, BioNTech, and GSK. These competitors have significant resources and established market presence, which could make it challenging for InvVax to gain market share and successfully commercialize its vaccines.

The need for extensive regulatory approval and licensing also presents a risk for InvVax. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and InvVax must navigate complex approval processes to bring its vaccines to market. Delays or failures in obtaining necessary approvals could significantly impact the company's ability to generate revenue and achieve its business objectives.

Financially, InvVax has limited cash and cash equivalents, with a monthly burn rate exceeding its available funds. This indicates that the company may require additional funding in the future to sustain its operations and continue its research and development efforts. Failure to secure sufficient funding could hinder InvVax's progress and delay the commercialization of its vaccines.

Overall, investing in InvVax involves substantial risks, including the early-stage nature of the company, intense competition, regulatory hurdles, and financial uncertainty. These risks should be carefully considered before making an investment decision.

Next Section: Bullish Outlook

Bullish Outlook

InvVax is positioned to revolutionize the field of vaccines with its innovative genetic platform. By targeting specific regions of the flu virus that cannot mutate without self-destruction, InvVax is developing next-generation vaccines that offer superior protection against various strains. This breakthrough approach has the potential to transform the global vaccines market.

The company's founder, Arthur Young, has dedicated significant time and effort to map the entire flu genome meticulously. By identifying the 15 regions of the virus that are resistant to mutation, InvVax has laid the foundation for developing a universal influenza vaccine. This comprehensive mapping, combined with InvVax's sophisticated scientific platform, sets the company apart from its competitors and positions it as a leader in the field.

The market potential for InvVax's vaccines is high, given the ongoing global demand for flu vaccines and the urgent need for effective vaccines against COVID-19 and bird flu. The company's focus on creating more efficient vaccines, working in all strains, and offering fluofferingemic protection will undoubtedly attract attention and support from the medical community and consumers.

The company has established credibility within the investment community With notable investors such as Life Science Angels, Sand Hill Angels, and Tech Coast Angels already backing InvVax. As InvVax continues its discovery work in other viral pathogens and conducts preclinical studies on the influenza virus, the funds raised from the current campaign will further accelerate its progress.

Overall, InvVax's innovative approach, combined with its high market potential, notable investors, and dedicated founder, positions the company for success in the competitive vaccines market. Investors should closely monitor InvVax's progress as it aims to revolutionize vaccine development and potentially make significant contributions to public health.

Next Section: Bearish Outlook

Bearish Outlook

InvVax is an early-stage company developing a new genetic platform to create better vaccines for various diseases. While the concept of targeting regions of the virus that cannot mutate is intriguing, InvVax faces significant challenges in a highly competitive healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The company's main competitors, including Moderna, Sanofi, Sinovac, BioNTech, and GSK, already have established products and a substantial market presence. These competitors have extensive research and development capabilities, manufacturing capacity, and distribution networks, giving them a significant advantage over a pre-product company like InvVax.

Furthermore, InvVax has not generated any revenue and is still in the early stages of its development phase. The company has a limited cash position, with only $54,311 in cash on hand and a monthly burn rate of $56,000. This raises concerns about the company's ability to sustain its operations and fund its research and development activities.

Another challenge for InvVax is the high capital intensity level of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Developing and commercializing vaccines requires substantial financial resources for clinical trials, regulatory approvals, manufacturing, and marketing. Without significant funding, InvVax may struggle to compete effectively and bring its vaccines to market.

Additionally, InvVax has no partnerships or patents, which further limits its competitive advantage and ability to protect its intellectual property. The lack of partnerships with established pharmaceutical companies or research institutions may hinder InvVax's access to critical resources and expertise.

Overall, while InvVax's genetic platform for vaccine development is innovative, the company faces significant competition, funding, and intellectual property challenges. These factors contribute to a bearish outlook for InvVax, as it may struggle to gain traction in the highly competitive and capital-intensive healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Next Section: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

InvVax is a biotechnology company working to develop a universal influenza vaccine. The company's approach is innovative, targeting the regions of the virus that cannot mutate without self-destructing. This approach promises vaccines that are more efficient, effective against all strains, and offer protection against flu pandemics. InvVax's work is particularly relevant in the context of the ongoing global pandemic and the increased awareness of the need for effective and adaptable vaccines.

However, InvVax is still in the preclinical stage, which means it is yet to have a vaccine working on humans. The company is also operating in a highly competitive and heavily regulated industry. Notable competitors include Moderna, Sanofi, Sinovac, BioNTech, and GSK, all of which have substantial resources and established market positions. Furthermore, InvVax's monthly burn rate is higher than its available cash and places the company in a difficult financial position.

Despite these challenges, InvVax has managed to raise over $2.7 million in prior funding rounds and has attracted investment from notable investors such as Life Science Angels, Sand Hill Angels, and Tech Coast Angels. The company is now seeking to raise additional capital through crowdfunding, with a minimum target of $50,000 and a maximum target of $1.24 million. The funds will be used to continue discovery work on other viral pathogens and conduct preclinical studies on the influenza virus.

In summary, while InvVax's work is promising and timely, the company faces significant challenges and risks associated with its early-stage status, high burn rate, and the competitive landscape. Therefore, potential investors should carefully consider these factors when evaluating the investment opportunity.


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InvVax on Wefunder 2023
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