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Smart tech products to empower breastfeeding moms

Smart tech products to empower breastfeeding moms


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Lilu, with a valuation of $8.5 million, is raising funds on Wefunder. The company makes smart tech products to empower breastfeeding moms. Lilu’s products include a wearable Omni Breast Pump and a MilkSense Bra + App that make breastfeeding comfortable, efficient, and pain-free. Lilu products have gained 2,500 customers and generated $230,000 in sales in its beta launch. Adriana Vazquez and Sujay Suresh founded Lilu in May 2016. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $50,000 and a maximum target of $1.24 million. The campaign proceeds will be used for team salaries, operational expenses, R&D, inventory, and marketing.

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Financials as of: 11/02/2023
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For many new mothers, breastfeeding can be a challenging experience. It can be uncomfortable, inefficient, and sometimes even painful. Traditional breast pumps often fail to mimic the natural nursing process, leading to less milk production and discomfort. In addition, many mothers struggle with tracking their milk supply, leading to stress and uncertainty.

Lilu is a company that aims to solve these issues by creating smart tech products designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable, efficient, and pain-free. The company's flagship products include a wearable Omni Breast Pump and a MilkSense Bra + App. The Omni Breast Pump has massage technology, making milk extraction more efficient. The MilkSense Bra + App allows mothers to track their milk supply, giving them peace of mind and control over their breastfeeding journey.

Next Section: Price


Lilu is raising funds on Wefunder at a valuation of $8.5 million. The company has developed products to empower breastfeeding moms, including the Omni Breast Pump and the MilkSense Bra + App. These products have gained some traction, with over 2,500 customers and $230,000 in sales during its beta launch.

That said, the revenue-to-valuation multiple is quite high at 157x. This indicates that Lilu is priced at a premium compared to its current revenue, which may raise concerns about its valuation. However, Lilu has already raised $3 million in prior funding, including $700,000 in matching funds from the National Science Foundation. The company has also received investments from notable venture capital firms and accelerators such as SOSV, HAX, Ad Astra Ventures, and Y Combinator. These investments, Lilu's patented technology, and positive customer feedback contribute to its steep valuation. 

Next Section: Market


Lilu operates within the U.S. breast pumping market, valued at around $964 million. This market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.4%. The market growth is primarily driven by an increasing awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding, driving more mothers to invest in breast pumps to facilitate breastfeeding while managing their work and lifestyle. Furthermore, the rise in female workforce participation is expected to increase the demand for breast pumps as working mothers seek convenient and efficient ways to continue breastfeeding while managing their professional responsibilities.

However, the breast pump market is incredibly limited at less than $1 billion. Some of Lilu's products, like the app and bra, fall into other adjacent markets, which may expand opportunities for market capture. Still, this market is small and growing, but it is not expected to take off any time soon. 

Next Section: Team


Lilu is led by co-founders and CEOs Adriana Vázquez Ortiz and Sujay Suresh Kumar. Neither founder has experience in the femtech market, though according to LinkedIn, both have been with the company for almost eight years. Ortiz spent time at Morgan Stanley before founding the company and has a math and computer science degree from MIT. Kumar holds a Master's in electrical engineering from The University of Pennsylvania. The pair's technical skills undoubtedly helped them to develop these products. A staff of business operations professionals, engineers, and social media experts are nicely complementing the founding team. Overall, the team seems well-rounded and capable of bringing a technical product to market. 

Next Section: Differentiation


Lilu differentiates itself by offering smart, tech-enabled products designed to empower breastfeeding moms and make breastfeeding more comfortable, efficient, and pain-free. 

The Omni Breast Pump is a wearable device incorporating patented massage technology, producing 55% more breast milk. This innovative feature sets Lilu apart from its competitors and provides a unique value proposition to breastfeeding moms. The pump is also FSA/HSA eligible, making it accessible to a wider customer base.

The MilkSense Bra + App is another key offering from Lilu. This product combines a specially designed bra with an accompanying app to provide real-time data and insights about milk production. This technology-driven approach enhances the breastfeeding experience by providing valuable information and support.

While Lilu faces competition from established players such as LaVie, Willow, Elvie, and Momcozy, its unique product offerings and emphasis on technology and innovation set it apart. The company's focus on addressing the physical and mental challenges of breastfeeding and its endorsements from moms and lactation experts further differentiate Lilu in the market. 

Next Section: Performance


Lilu has demonstrated some traction and promising market growth despite the products being in beta. The company has developed smart tech products, including the Omni Breast Pump and the MilkSense Bra + App, to empower breastfeeding moms. These products have gained strong initial attention, generating $230,000 in sales during the beta launch.

The company has raised $3 million in funding from notable investors such as the National Science Foundation, YCombinator, L'attitude, SOSV, Ad Astra Ventures, and Quake Capital Partners. These impressive backers carry the company's performance score, as the products are still in beta, and the revenue generated in beta sales declined -12.57% year-over-year.

Next Section: Risk


Investing in Lilu carries several risks as the company looks to establish itself in the competitive breastfeeding product market.

Lilu faces competition from other companies that offer competing products for breastfeeding moms, including LaVie, Willow, Elvie, and Momcozy. These competitors may have established market presence and brand recognition, which could make it challenging for Lilu to gain market share and attract customers.

Lilu's product offerings, including the Omni Breast Pump and MilkSense bra, are still in beta. This introduces product risk as there is uncertainty about these products' successful development and commercialization. Delays or failures in product development could impact Lilu's ability to generate revenue and achieve its business goals.

Financially, Lilu has a negative net income and a high monthly burn rate, indicating a reliance on external funding to sustain its operations. This reliance on fundraising presents a risk as it continually pressures the company to raise capital to support its growth and development activities.

While Lilu has gained users and generated sales during its beta launch, it still needs to scale production and sales distribution. Scaling production and expanding sales channels require additional resources and operational capabilities. Lilu must effectively manage these challenges to meet market demand and achieve sustainable revenue growth.

Next Section: Bullish Outlook

Bullish Outlook

Lilu is well-positioned to disrupt the breastfeeding industry with innovative smart tech products to empower new parents. The Omni Breast Pump and MilkSense Bra + App offer a comfortable, efficient, and pain-free breastfeeding experience. During its beta launch, Lilu gained traction with 2,500 customers and $230,000 in sales.

By addressing the physical and mental challenges surrounding breastfeeding and breast pumping, Lilu is meeting the needs of a niche market within the US breast pumping industry. The company's products have been rigorously tested and enthusiastically endorsed by over 2,500 customers and 300 lactation experts, validating their effectiveness and market potential.

Lilu's partnership with Y Combinator, a renowned accelerator program, provides it access to valuable resources and mentorship to accelerate its growth. The company has also secured venture capital backing from notable investors such as SOSV, HAX, and Ad Astra Ventures. This support demonstrates the confidence that investors have in Lilu's potential.

Next Section: Bearish Outlook

Bearish Outlook

Despite strong investor and venture interest, Lilu's products remain in beta, adding a significant product risk. According to LinkedIn, the founders have been working on the company for almost eight years. The products must enter the market soon to prove customer demand and reduce risk for investors at this round. 

Additionally, the market for breastfeeding products is very small. The market for pumps is under $1 billion. The market is not predicted to see impressive growth any time soon. Even if Lilu can differentiate, there may not be enough market to capture for investors to see substantial returns. Furthermore, Lilu's valuation of $8.5 million may be considered high based on its current financials and the product stage.

Next Section: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Lilu is a company dedicated to empowering breastfeeding moms with smart tech products. The company's product lineup includes a wearable Omni Breast Pump and a MilkSense Bra + App, designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable, efficient, and pain-free. Since its beta launch, Lilu's products have achieved early traction, attracting over 2,500 customers and generating $230,000 in sales.

Despite the competitive landscape, Lilu can carve out a niche in the US Breast Pumping market. Key competitors include LaVie, Willow, Elvie, and Momcozy. However, Lilu's patented technology and user-friendly design make it a notable contender in the market. Lilu has also secured substantial funding in prior rounds, raising $3 million from investors such as the National Science Foundation, YCombinator, L'attitude, and SOSV.

However, the market for breastfeeding products is very small, and the Lilu products are still in beta. There is also some risk associated with the current valuation for this round. At $8.5 million, Lilu has a revenue-to-valuation multiple well above averages, suggesting it may be overpriced.

Overall, Lilu presents an interesting investment opportunity in the femtech sector, particularly for those interested in supporting innovative solutions designed to improve the lives of breastfeeding mothers.


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Founder Profile

Tech for Moms: Lilu's Impactful Breastfeeding Products

Lilu co-founders Sujay Suresh and Adriana Vazquez Ortiz are making significant strides in the evolving landscape of postpartum care. With a mission to enhance the breastfeeding experience through technology, Lilu is pioneering in the maternal health sector. The duo has developed innovative products like the Omni Breast Pump and MilkSense Smart Bra to ease new mothers' physical, mental, and emotional challenges by leveraging IoT, robotics, and engineering expertise.

We reached out to Sujay to learn about their journey, exploring the inception of Lilu, the challenges they faced, the solutions they offered, and their vision for transforming postpartum care.

Read Founder Interview

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