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Awesome-wine-in-a-can that is simple, carefree, and of the highest quality.

Awesome-wine-in-a-can that is simple, carefree, and of the highest quality.


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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

Tech Sector


Cleveland, Ohio

Drinking wine just got a whole lot more convenient. Forget corkscrews, glasses, and bottles. Now, just grab, go, and sip away….from a can. From picnics to road trips,

Coozy friendly and picnic-ready, MANCAN Wine is here to disrupt the $60 billion U.S. wine industry by making wine quick, easy, and convenient to drink. MANCAN is an awesome wine-in-a-can that you can easily grab, go, and be on your merry wine way. MANCAN’s grapes are sourced in California, and each can is hand-crafted in Sonoma County. There’s red, white, and sparkling options (with “brosé” on the way), and each one is intentionally non-varietal and non-vintage so that you can expect the same great taste year-after-year, can-after-can.

Since its inception in 2015, MANCAN has over 890 retail placements across 11 states, including stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, and BevMo!. Their revenue grew 119% over the past year, and total retail placements grew 132%. Plus, Wine Enthusiast magazine endorsed their sparkling and white wines as “Best Buys.” MANCAN is proving that they certainly can break into the wine world quickly - and successfully.

After all, canned wines are the fastest growing sector in the U.S. industry. Millennials are currently the most powerful wine purchasers in the U.S., and they average 3.1 glasses per sitting. When you take that and add it to fact that MANCAN holds 12.6 ounces, costs 20-25% less than competitors, and offers the convenience millennials crave, you realize that MANCAN could truly be the new future of wine drinking. Plus, it appeals to males. With women currently dominating the wine world, it’s nice for men to remember that they can, too, drink and enjoy wine. Man-Can-Drink-Wine. Man-Can. MANCAN. Boom.

Although there are other canned wines out there, MANCAN offers something different. They believe they’re positioned to be the brand that is synonymous with wine-in-a-can, and they just might be right. So, instead of grabbing a bottle of wine when you’re craving your next grape indulgence, think about grabbing a MANCAN - because, well, you can!

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer”
Have you ever broken a wine glass (or five) or had a bottle of vino go bad? Are you jealous of beer drinkers with their easy-to-pack cans for road trips and picnics? Or, do hate being “that guy” with a pinot at the bar? If you said yes to any or all of those, then MANCAN - with its unbeatable convenience and delicious taste - could be the vino investment for you. After all, where there’s a wine, there’s a way -- and with MANCAN you might just find a way to sip your wine while watching your dollars grow.
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