New Deals - February 3, 2019

New Deals for the Week of 02/03/2019

Below are the newest equity crowdfunding raises that started this past week. For additional information, we encourage KingsCrowders to click on the link provided for more details, how each startup’s respective raise is progressing, and the ideas they are bringing to the marketplace.


Please note, these are not recommendations but are meant to inform our readers of new investment opportunities.


We will also keep providing you with more updates on the following deals as they progress. Particularly if we feel they meet our criteria of being worthwhile as potential investments.


Happy Investing!


Tiny In A Box


Tiny In A Box, with a valuation cap of $0.72 million, is raising crowdfunding on StartEngine. The company is creating tiny homes, shops, pools, and similar modular structures to provide housing solutions to people across the world. It is in a preseed funding stage and ready for implementation. It offers flexibility, affordability, convenience, and longevity through its designs. TIAB was founded by Shaynea Williams in July 2018. The current round of crowdfunding has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $107,000, with a minimum investment of $100. The company has already established brand identity, with 100,000 views on its website, about 6,000 followers on Facebook and over 1,300 followers on Instagram.


Our Military Travel


The company, with a pre-money valuation of $3.2 million, is currently raising crowdfunding on StartEngine. Our Military Travel is not an ordinary travel company; it is patriotic to the core. The company offers travel value to the military community and patriotic Americans by discounted rates on hotels, air tickets, rental cars, and vacations. OMT was founded by Robert Rogener, son of a war veteran.

The current crowdfunding round has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $107,000. OMT gives back to the military community by offering a percentage of its profits to military-related nonprofit organizations.




Swiftdine, with a valuation cap of $15 million, is raising equity crowdfunding on StartEngine. The company is taking on-demand dining to the next level through orchestrated service. Customers can book tables, place their order, and pay for their food in advance through Swiftdine. The company was formed in 2016 by Tobie Azeez and Toyosi Azeez. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $107,000. Swiftdine has an excellent flat-rate business model enabling flexibility and growth. 150 restaurants have already signed up and 1,000 patrons have already scheduled their meals with Swiftdine.


Fusion Farms


The company has a pre-money valuation of $4.3 million. Fusion Farms is combining high-tech indoor aquaculture with vertical hydroponic farming in Controlled Environment Aquaponic (CEA) facilities. The company was founded by Kendell Lang and Lisa Jander. The current round of crowdfunding has a minimum raise of $98,900 and a maximum raise of $107,000. Fusion Farms is creating an environment for Puerto Rico and similar islands to face environmental, climatic, and economic challenges. The application of Fusion Farms to PRIDCO to lease a large hurricane-protected warehouse has been approved in September 2018.




GURU platform of MSBAI is coming up as the ultimate engineering AI assistant. It is raising crowdfunding on StartEngine, with a pre-money valuation of $5.98 million. GURU is offering specialized engineering capabilities by leveraging High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The company was created in May 2017 by Allan Grosvenor and Martin Conlon. This crowdfunding round has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $107,000. GURU by MSBAI is fulfilling the need for hybrid-intelligence in engineering, using 5G networks, as no engineering AI assistants exist yet. It works on the SaaS distribution model and is expected to be commercially deployed by the end of 2019. The commercial deployment will help in the fight against climate change.




Fretch has delivered over 25,000 orders to 5,000 unique customers and are currently operating at a $1.1 million annual revenue run rate. Although grocery is considered a ‘volume business’ as economies of scale come into play, they have had a laser focus on profitability since day one, and as a result are currently month-over-month cash flow positive.


Ample Foods


The company is raising crowdfunding on Republic, with a valuation cap of $15 million. Ample Foods creates meal replacement drinks with nutritious high-quality ingredients. It is simplifying the process of eating well, with great tasting, convenient and nutritious drinks. Ample Foods was founded by Connor Young in October 2015. The company has already raised about $4 million from private investors and institutional firms. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum raise of $25,000 and a maximum raise of $1,070,000. Ample Foods is led by an experienced team and already has a multi-million dollar revenue stream from loyal subscribers.

Surf Dog


Jerry’s Ice Cream franchise on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, the most popular beach in the world, with over 15 million annual visitors. We are now opening a brand new Hot Dog concept, it will be a unique one off Nathan’s concept serving both beef and vegan dogs, and featuring custom premium toppings.”




Karaganda, a feature film, is raising crowdfunding on StartEngine. The production has a viable proof-of-concept and is an action film based on a 26 minutes short film screened in 26 film festivals in 13 countries. Karaganda digs deep into the working of the Russian mafia, Vory v Zakonye in particular. The company was formed in April 2017 and the managers include Max Weissberg, Nina Gortinski, and Edwin Mejia. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $1,070,000, of which $11,800 have already been raised. The funds raised will be used for the production of the film. At a budget of $2.5 million, Karaganda is expected to be profitable and will be appreciated by the audience.




A marketplace that gives businesses easy access to qualified, licensed and insured drone pilots. Up Sonder’s experienced pilots are taking to the air to film real estate, inspect cell phone towers and recon oil & gas facilities.




One of the leading equity crowdfunding portals is currently partnering with truCrowd to raise $1M from investors to support the growth of their platform and to continue to become one of the most important online startup investment marketplaces that will include a secondary market component.




In today’s internet economy, users are the product. Giants like Google and Facebook make billions selling your user data. At the same time, the world’s biggest brands depend on data sets to be accurate and rich to engage consumers with relevant and targeted messages. PhunCoin will connect users directly to those brands and rewards them for sharing data and engaging with brand’s content. Brands will receive verified targeting data for the consumers who choose to engage with their content.


Fluent Forever


A student needs to learn what a language sounds like before they can learn how to speak it. Fluent Forever’s tools like detailed instructional videos, mnemonic imagery, and minimal pair tests help train the student’s ears in the sound system of their new language.

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