New Deals - December 30, 2018

New Deals For Week Ending 12/30/2018

Below are the newest equity crowdfunding raises that started this past week. For additional information, we encourage KingsCrowders to click on the link provided for more details, updates on what companies are raising, and the ideas they are bringing to the marketplace.

Please note, these are not recommendations but are meant to inform our readers of new investment opportunities.

We will also keep providing you with more updates on the following deals as they progress. Particularly if we feel they meet our criteria of being worthwhile as potential investments.

Happy Investing!


Dig Dates


Dating app that connects dog-people based on what is important to them: their need for their future significant other to be compatible with their four-legged companion and the lifestyle of being a dog owner or lover. Dig is a novel app at the intersection of the booming pet tech and online dating industries. We’re seeing enthusiasm and excitement from hyperlocal events as well as national press.


Tacos Patron


Francisco Madero moved to Texas to open Tacos Patron, Bravazo Rotisserie, and Flautas and Quesadillas (FaQ) within Legacy Food Hall in Plano, TX, an affluent suburb north of Dallas. He was given a second and third stall, becoming the only vendor at Legacy Hall to operate multiple concepts. The food hall has proved to be an ideal incubator for Madero’s concepts but due to the menu limitations imposed that are designed to avoid competition with the other concepts, it is time to expand and operate it to its fullest potential. With Tacos Patron as the highest performing food concept at Legacy Hall and Bravazo not far behind, Madero’s ambition is to open a Tacos Patron location that also features the most popular dishes from Bravazo Rotisserie and FaQ.


Petit Vour


A beauty box + lifestyle shop for the modern, ethical woman. We showcase a luxurious collection of 100% cruelty-free, plant-based and non-toxic products. Petit Vour represents only the best in ethical shopping—the Crème de la Cruelty-Free as we call it—so every product is expert-vetted for high efficacy and visual aesthetic. We’re on track for $3 million in sales this year and have been income-positive every fiscal year-end since launching.




We inspire collaboration & connection, we create & curate experiences designed to bring people together. In Oct. 2018 we opened our first destination in San Francisco & launched The Unreal Garden, the first large-scale mixed reality art experience. On Dec. 22 2018 we will open LMNL, a labyrinth of digital art with 14 interactive rooms & over 60+ minutes of fun for all ages; tripling our capacity & revenue potential. Average daily gross ticket sales: $13,500.


Ella & Oak


Through the Ella & Oak website we offer amazing options of beautiful curvy dresses from brand name designers. When a bride finds her dream dress (or dresses!) we ship her samples to try on in the comfort of her own home. We are launching with four talented designers who have developed patterns exclusively for Ella & Oak. We have a pipeline of others eager to work with us after our initial launch.




Housa is a blockchain enabled real estate platform that gives home sellers complete control over the terms in which their home is sold. Housa provides unique recommendation tools to enable a more equitable market by providing a platform for agents and brokers to compete for homes “ready to sell”, and incentivizes all users with cash-back rewards.




Pay with cash and tell the cashier to “Bucket the Change”. You’ll receive your coins back digitally. By digitizing coins, Bucket is eliminating waste while putting idle cash back into the global economy.




With Flip, users can convert physical assets into cryptocurrency (Flip tokens) quickly and easily. Second, once you have tokens, what can you do with them? We answer this by providing an online global marketplace where pre-owned goods can be bought and sold with tokens.




Medblocs provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate clinical trials, blockchain solutions to share important clinical data, and a one-stop consumer app called YourHealthWallet. Medblocs is backed by a growing international team with extensive experience in the pharma and clinical trial industries. Our mission is to revolutionize and accelerate the current processes so that anyone in the world can gain easier access to research drugs and participate in trials.


Baby Blues BBQ


Baby Blues BBQ concept, is opening its eagerly anticipated fifth location in LA’s pulsating Koreatown, providing a traditional and mainstream counterbalance to the neighborhood’s trendy carnivorous options. A food-centric, no frills, upscale dive, Baby Blues BBQ was started in Venice, Los Angeles in 2004 by Rick McCarthy and Danny Fisher, both transplants that found themselves sorely missing the soul food restaurants they grew up with. A bottle of bourbon lead to some recipe swapping, and eventually a road trip across the BBQ capitals of the USA until they’d perfected the regional icons they’d serve in their own place.


Screw City


SCREW CITY is a coming-of-age movie about a rustbelt-city teenager trying to escape a life of mediocrity through his punk rock band. SCREW CITY follows CHUCK only weeks from graduating high school in Rockford, IL. As all his peers around him are getting ready to leave town and move on with their lives, Chuck’s greatest fear is being stuck in Rockford the rest of his life…alone. His only way out depends on the success of his punk rock band, Stick Figure. That is, if he can convince his best friends/bandmates to stick it out with him.


Vesvault Corp.


VES is a solution to the key loss paradox, making encryption usable for data at-rest. VES provides a reliable means of recovery from key loss while not degrading the privacy and security of end-to-end encryption. VES is the first technology we know of that has solved this tradeoff, and has done so in an easy, convenient application, making e2e encryption finally practical for widespread use for content at-rest (data that isn’t moving).


Savvy Technology Solutions


GCN is a first-of-its-kind, integrated market social network that connects nonprofit organizations and communities with current and future volunteers and donors. It is a social network focused on “giving back”.


Solution Vending International


PopCom is an automated retail technology company that has built a SaaS & IoT platform for vending machines and kiosks that provides deep consumer insights and engagement for machine operators. The company is seeking investment to help solidify its strong position in the industry as well as fund new development of new blockchain-enabled software that will enable consumers to securely buy government-regulated products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, cannabis, alcohol) from vending machines and ensure retailers stay complaint.

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