New Deals - October 22, 2018

New Deals – Week of October 22nd, 2018

As we continue to provide more resources to help you make informed startup investment decisions we have decided to start a new deals series each week to keep you up to date on the latest startups that have begun raising capital.


Check out 7 new deals below that have launched in the last week and be sure to check in for updates to see if any of them make the coveted Top Deal list in the weeks to come. Happy investing.  




GeoOrbital, with a future valuation of $15.4 million, is raising capital on StartEngine. The company is the patented manufacturer of a self-powered electric wheel that can convert any manual bicycle into a fully electric one just by fixing the GeoOrbital wheel. GeoOrbital was founded by Michael Burtov in 2014. The minimum raise of the company’s offering is $10,000 and the maximum raise is $1,070,000, of which it has raised $38,738 to date. This is one of several equity crowdfunding rounds they have completed to date. The product of GeoOrbital has been received positively, with over 3,000 wheels sold. The company generated net revenues of $2 million in 2017.




VirZOOM has a current valuation of $7 million and is presently raising funding on WeFunder. VirZOOM uses a virtual reality platform to give the outdoor exercise experience indoors. It was co-founded by Eric Janszen and Eric Malafeew in 2015. The minimum raise is $250,000 and the maximum raise is $600,000, of which VirZOOM has raised $25,850 to date. The company has already sold over 2,000 products and has been voted as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2018.




Kapsul, with a pre-money valuation of $15 million, is raising seed funding on SeedInvest. The company is making the first home-climate products like connected air conditioners that connect to mobile apps and integrate with Alexa, Nest, and Google Home. Kapsul was founded by Kurt Swanson in 2016. The minimum raise for this seed funding round is $25,000 and the maximum raise is $1,070,000, with $9,316 raised so far. Kapsul has already pre-sold 9,000 units of Kapsul W5 with $3.3 million in presales, and it is a Techstars Boston 2018 company.


Circle Medical


Circle Medical is raising its third round of funds on WeFunder. The company provides artificial intelligence assisted medical care to the patients by automating the physicians’ decisions. The patients can scan their insurance, choose the doctor, get care on their terms, and establish a relationship. Circle Medical was founded in 2015 by George Favvas and Jean-Sebastian Boulanger. The current equity crowdfunding round has a minimum raise value of $100,000 and the maximum raise of $1,070,000, with $262,721 raised to date. Circle Medical already has more than 100 corporate clients and has experienced three times revenue growth in 2018.




SeatAllignMate is raising its seed round of funding on SeedInvest, with a total valuation cap of $8 million. The company integrates flight check-in into the travelers’ email to help them assign their seats, check-in to the flights, and purchase the airlines’ product offerings. SeatAllignMate was founded in 2012 by Li Shi and Sham Duncan. The minimum raise for the seed round of funding is $25,000 and the maximum raise is $700,000, of which $13,600 has been raised so far. The technology patent of SeatAllignMate is approved for the US and it has been voted the Best Ancillary Upsell Solution in 2017.




Priva is raising capital on Netcapital, with a post-money valuation of $5 million. The company offers an alternative to commuter flights through a mobile office, black car, or an SUV for the regional trips to convert commuting into a business office on wheels. It helps the commuters save time and reduce travel costs. Priva was founded by Dagan Mishoulam and Ryan Gee in July 2018. The minimum raise for the crowdfunding round is $10,000 and the maximum raise is $504,000, of which $908 has been raised so far. Priva has a significant market opportunity of becoming the ideal mode of regional transportation.




DiscountCell has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, with a valuation cap of $7 million. The company provides Internet of Things hardware, phone accessories, tablet accessories, and other hardware to the government entities across the United States. DiscountCell was founded by Jennifer King and Craig King in 2013. The company is targeting a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $107,000 in the current round of equity crowdfunding, of which $1,000 have been raised so far. DiscountCell shows a promising future with a 269% revenue increase in the la st 5 years. It is a part of NASPO ValuePoint Wireless Contract and 21 states have signed an agreement with them.


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