An end-to-end chatbot platform to help enterprises automate customer support, promotions, content delivery and more.

An end-to-end chatbot platform to help enterprises automate customer support, promotions, content delivery and more.


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Newark, California

Bots are the future, and no, I’m not talking about the robot kind. I’m talking about the chatbot kind. What’s a chatbot? Well, chances are you’ve used one before. Think back to the last time you “chatted” with a customer service rep on a website. Chances, are that rep was actually a bot - a chatbot. They’re computer programs designed to simulate conversation, especially online.

And Recime is here to help boost the bot future. Chatbots can help companies automate customer support, promotions, content delivery, and so much more. However, they can also be quite complex, time-consuming, and costly to build. Recime helps remove that complexity - their platform helps your company quickly build the chatbot solution it needs and wants.

With Recime’s chatbots, you can use AI powered chatbots to efficiently communicate with all customers; you can increase promotions through coupon offerings and customer engagement; you can grow your content distribution by sharing news and videos quickly; and you can build and extend your services to messaging apps. The bot opportunities are, well, bot-tomless.

Right now, Recime is partnered with Gigigo, one of the largest mobile agencies in Central Europe and Latin America, and Recime’s enterprise clients include Coke, Exabytes, and Wyre. Recime might be a small startup, but they know how to play a big bot game. After all, the projected chatbot market size for 2021 is over $3 billion, and Recime is one of the strongest companies out there filling this nitsche.

In fact, that nitsche - and struggling to find a company that filled it - is exactly how Recime was born in the first place. In 2016, co-founder Mehfuz Hossain was frustrated with the lack of chatbox software out there, so he created his own. The Recime team has over ten years of platform development experience - they know their bot stuff. What else is there to say? Next time you’re talking it up with a website’s customer service “person,” you might want to thank Recime. They really seem to be building the online future, one bot at a time.

"Who Should Be Interested in this Offering"
Looking for more efficient ways to run your business? Want to increase your customer support and promotions? Need to expand your content delivery? It sounds like you need a chatbot, and it sounds like Recime might be the investment for you! Recime’s platform can help you build a bot that can help your business grow. Bring on the ‘bucks to bring on the bots - bring on Recime.
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