Rogue Chimera Films

Rogue Chimera Films

Produce unique horror films with original stories and a female director.

Produce unique horror films with original stories and a female director.


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Ormond Beach, Florida

Chucky. The Shining. Halloween. All of these horror films terrified audiences with their creepy characters, suspenseful plots, and scary settings.

And now, Rogue Chimeral Films LLC is here to produce The Family Way and continue the horror film legacy. Their goal is to orchestrate your nightmares on film by producing unique horror movies with original stories. The Family Way is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning screenplay written by Shiva Rodriguez and D. Duckie Rodriguez. Rodriguez will also be directing this film, which centers on a “crazy family” and combines the themes of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-preservation...all while leading the audience to root for the bad guys.

In the film, two couples on a road trip get lost and end up at an old gas station. The station owner invites them to his home for the night with the promise to get them on the road in the morning. The two couples meet the owner’s wife and two sons, and all seems to be going well until the owner’s brother-in-law appears. Suddenly, all is not as it seems, and as a nightmarish night ensues, the young couples become victims of this family….or do they?

Chimera Films has already teased audiences with that question in “Coming Home,” an award-winning short prologue to The Family Way. Once they turn The Family Way screenplay into horror film reality, they plan to submit the movie to film festivals such as Screamfest, Toronto After Dark, Cannes, and Slamdance, with the goal of seeking a deal with a large distribution company or a digital distribution platform such as Netflix or Amazon.

After all, they’ve already earned accolades like being a Finalist in the Women In Horror Film Festival in September 2017 and winning Best in Show in the Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition in April 2017. Now, with a recognizable cast, a successful female director, and a production team that loves horror movies, The Family Way might just be the next film you watch when you want to be scared...and lead you to becoming truly terrified of getting lost on a road trip at night.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
Are you someone who loves horror films and scary movies? Do you wish there were more female directors in the genre? If you said yes to either (or both!), then getting in on this horror flick action might be just the investment for you. With their thought-provoking, hair-raising, award-winning (and critically acclaimed!) screenplay, Rogue Chimera Films could just have the new dose of fright you’ve been waiting for.
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