Direct-to-consumer clear aligner treatment for straightening teeth.

Direct-to-consumer clear aligner treatment for straightening teeth.


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Holladay, Utah

Smilelove wants you to love your smile again. They’re a direct-to-consumer clear aligner treatment for straightening teeth, meaning you can get the smile you want without the expensive appointments, long wait times, or inflated costs. Smilelove offers step-by-step instructions, attentive customer service, and ensures that each treatment is approved by a licensed dentist. They’ve earned over $1M in revenue and 1,000 customers since launching in mid-2017, and their gross margin is over 50%. They already have royalty agreements in place for licensing in both Canada and Hong Kong, and they’re FDA approved. Plus, they also offer services like teeth whitening and annual retainers.
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To date and as of October 26th, Smilelove has raised $133K

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More than one third of all Americans are dissatisfied with their smiles. Among this proportion of the population, 36% believe that their social lives would improve, and 22% believe that their love lives would improve with a better smile.

In fact, the importance of a good smile resonates all throughout the population, with 78% of Americans believing that adults with crooked teeth are unsuccessful. Popular opinion is supplemented by studies, which confirm that smiles heavily impact confidence and create a first impression of openness and ami ability.

With so many driving factors pushing Americans to correct teeth imperfections, it should come as no surprise that at any one given time 4 million Americans are wearing braces, compared to a mere 2 million 20 years ago.

 But there are obstacles to using traditional braces. First and foremost, braces are very expensive. Often, insurance companies refuse to cover braces, citing that braces are cosmetic treatments rather than medical necessities.

 Traditional metal braces cost anywhere from $3,000 – $7,000, ceramic braces cost $4,000 – $8,000, and lingual braces cost up to $10,000. Second of all, traditional braces are often stigmatized, with many adults believing that once no longer a teen, one is “too old” to be wearing braces.

 Even more, regular dentist appointments take up valuable time and effort. Inexpensive, convenient, and transparent teeth aligners would be positioned to capture a good segment of the market.

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