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The first multiplayer internet browser built for collaborations

The first multiplayer internet browser built for collaborations


Raised to Date: Raised: $288,782

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Convertible Note



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Business Services, Software, & Applications

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Wilmington, Delaware

Business Type

High Growth

Stack, with a valuation of $15.6 million, is raising funds on Wefunder. It is a multiplayer internet browser built for collaborations. Stack empowers creative people to collaborate with one another in a mindful manner and escape the chaos of the internet. The platform uses cards instead of tabs and makes it much simpler to research, shop online, work from home, and perform other online activities. Giorgi Laliashvili founded Stack in July 2019. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $50,000 and a maximum target of $124,000. The campaign proceeds will be used for product development, marketing, and operational costs.

Summary Profit and Loss Statement

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Financials as of: 11/28/2023
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Analyst Report


Stack is a revolutionary internet browser designed to foster collaboration and streamline online activities. Unlike traditional browsers that use tabs, Stack uses cards, simplifying tasks such as online shopping, research, and remote work. This unique approach enables users to escape the chaos of the internet and collaborate in a more mindful, organized environment.

The internet has transformed the way we work, communicate, and access information. However, traditional browsers have not kept pace with this transformation. They are not designed for multitasking or collaboration, two essential aspects of modern online activity. This disconnect can lead to disorganized browsing experiences, with countless tabs open and no easy way to share information or collaborate with others.

Stack addresses this gap by reimagining the browser as a collaborative, multi-player platform. It offers a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate the internet, making it easier to manage multiple tasks and collaborate. This is particularly valuable in today's increasingly remote and digital work environment, where effective online collaboration and multitasking are crucial.

With its innovative approach to internet browsing, Stack is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the global internet browser market, which is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The company's unique value proposition and increasing demand for more efficient and collaborative online tools present a compelling investment opportunity.

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Stack is raising funds through a convertible note on Wefunder at a valuation of $15.6 million.

With an annual revenue of $12,364, Stack's revenue-to-valuation multiple is exceptionally high at 1,257.68x. This indicates that Stack is currently overvalued compared to its revenue. However, it's important to note that the company is in the early stage of development and has a high growth potential.

Investors should consider the risks of investing in an early-stage company like Stack. While the company has partnerships and a user base, it has not disclosed its traction metrics. However, Stack has raised $2.5 million in previous funding rounds, which demonstrates some investor confidence in the company's potential.

Given the early stage of development and the high valuation, investors should carefully consider the potential risks and rewards of investing in Stack. The success of the company will depend on its ability to continue growing its user base, expanding partnerships, and delivering a compelling product that resonates with its target market.

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Stack operates in the global internet browsers market, estimated to be worth around $201.73 billion. This market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.3%. Stack's product, a multiplayer internet browser built for collaborations, aims to simplify online activities such as research, shopping, and remote work. It uses a unique card system instead of traditional browser tabs, providing a unique and more streamlined user experience. This innovation positions Stack as a potentially disruptive force within the market.

However, Stack faces significant competition from established internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. These competitors have large user bases and significant brand recognition, which could present challenges to Stack's market penetration efforts. Stack's unique value proposition of a more organized, collaboration-focused browsing experience could help it carve out a niche within the market.

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Stack is led by CEO George Laliashvili, who has six years of relevant industry experience. Laliashvili is a first-time founder and brings a fresh perspective to the company. He is passionate about creating a mindful and collaborative online environment for creative individuals. Laliashvili's vision and leadership drive the development of Stack's multiplayer internet browser, which aims to empower users to escape the internet's chaos and collaborate more focused and productively.

CTO Zviad Sichinava complements Laliashvili's leadership with his high-level managerial skills and technical expertise. With a full-time commitment to Stack, Sichinava plays a crucial role in developing and implementing the platform's features and functionalities.

The Stack team comprises 11 members contributing to the company's growth and success. While specific details about the team members are unavailable, their collective expertise and dedication are essential in driving the company's development, marketing, and operational aspects.

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Stack differentiates itself by offering a unique and collaborative browsing experience. While established competitors like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer dominate the market, Stack stands out with its focus on mindful online living and collaboration.

Stack's multiplayer internet browser is designed to empower creative individuals to collaborate with each other in a mindful manner. The platform replaces traditional tabs with cards, making it simpler for users to research, shop online, work from home, and perform other online activities. By providing a more organized and streamlined browsing experience, Stack helps users escape the chaos of the internet and create value together.

Although Stack faces a highly competitive landscape with over 100 direct competitors, its differentiation lies in its emphasis on collaboration and mindful browsing. While other browsers may offer similar features and functionality, Stack's unique approach sets it apart.

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Stack, an early-stage company in the business services, software, and applications industry, has developed a unique multiplayer internet browser called Stack. The platform aims to empower creative individuals to collaborate with each other in a mindful manner and escape the chaos of the internet. Stack differentiates itself by using cards instead of tabs, simplifying online activities such as research, shopping, and remote work.

While specific traction details are unavailable, Stack has gained a user base and paying customers who appreciate the platform's collaborative features and mindful environment. The company's annual revenue is $12,364, indicating that it has started generating revenue from its user base. However, no reported revenue growth has been reported since the last funding round.

Stack has raised $2.5 million in prior funding rounds and currently has a valuation of $15.6 million. The company's most recent cash is $89,750, providing a financial runway for ongoing operations and product development.

Stack operates in an extremely competitive landscape, with numerous internet browsers and collaboration tools available. However, the unique value proposition of Stack's mindful collaboration and simplified online activities sets it apart from traditional browsers.

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Investing in Stack entails certain risks as the company operates in a highly competitive market and faces challenges in gaining market share and generating profits.

One of the main risks for Stack is its extremely competitive landscape. The company competes with well-established internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. These competitors have strong brand recognition, large user bases, and significant financial resources, which may make it difficult for Stack to attract and retain users.

Another risk for Stack is the need for market acceptance. While the company states that it has users, the extent of its user base and user engagement are not provided. The success of Stack depends on its ability to attract a large and dedicated user base. If users do not find value in Stack's collaborative features or prefer the functionality of other browsers, it may struggle to gain traction in the market.

Financially, Stack has a negative net income and a high monthly burn rate. This indicates that the company is not profitable and relies on external funding to sustain its operations. If Stack cannot secure sufficient funding or generate revenue in the future, it may face financial difficulties or be forced to make significant cost-cutting measures that could impact its ability to develop and improve its product.

Next Section: Bullish Outlook

Bullish Outlook

Stack, a multiplayer internet browser designed for collaboration, has the potential to revolutionize the way people work and interact online. With its unique card-based interface, Stack offers a mindful and organized environment for creative individuals to escape the chaos of the internet and collaborate effectively.

The platform's simplicity and focus on collaboration make it a valuable tool for users across various industries. From research and online shopping to remote work and other online activities, Stack provides a user-friendly solution that enhances productivity and creativity. With a global addressable market encompassing internet browsers, Stack has a significant opportunity to capture a substantial market share.

Stack has already gained traction with its user base and established partnerships, demonstrating its potential for growth and adoption. The company has raised $2.5 million in prior funding rounds, including investments from notable venture capital firms such as Peak, ZEMU Venture Capital, Wayra, and Luna Ventures. These partnerships and investments validate Stack's business model and market potential.

The competitive landscape in the internet browser industry is intense, but Stack's unique value proposition and focus on collaboration set it apart from traditional browsers. With low barriers to entry, Stack must continue to innovate and differentiate itself to stay ahead of competitors.

Next Section: Bearish Outlook

Bearish Outlook

Stack operates in an extremely competitive market, with well-established internet browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer already dominating the industry. These browsers have large user bases and established brand recognition, making it challenging for Stack to capture significant market share. Additionally, users may be hesitant to switch to a new browser, particularly if they are already comfortable with their current choice.

While Stack offers a unique concept of a multiplayer internet browser built for collaborations, it remains to be seen whether there is sufficient demand for such a product. The platform's use of cards instead of tabs may not resonate with all users, and there is no guarantee that the collaborative features will be enough to attract and retain a substantial user base.

Furthermore, Stack's financials raise concerns. The company had an annual revenue of only $12,364, indicating that it has yet to generate significant sales. With a high monthly burn rate of $88,546.33, Stack relies heavily on external funding to sustain its operations. This indicates that the company is not currently profitable and may require additional capital to continue its growth and development.

Next Section: Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Stack is a novel internet browser designed to streamline online collaborations. The platform uses a card-based system instead of traditional tabs, simplifying various online activities such as research, shopping, and remote work. Stack aims to create a mindful and pleasant environment for creative individuals to collaborate and navigate the internet more efficiently.

Stack has already raised $2.5 million in previous funding rounds despite being in the pre-profit stage. The company has a high-growth business model and seeks additional capital through crowdfunding to support product development, marketing, and operational costs.

Stack operates in a highly competitive market, with major competitors including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. However, Stack differentiates itself with its unique online collaboration and navigation approach. The company's focus on creating a mindful online environment could appeal to users seeking a more organized and efficient way to manage their online activities.

While Stack's revenue growth is currently at zero, the company has generated annual revenue of $12,364. The company's monthly burn rate is $88,546.33, indicating further capital is needed to sustain operations and drive growth.

Stack is backed by several venture capital firms, including Peak, ZEMU Venture Capital, Wayra, Luna Ventures, Flyer One Ventures, CircleCove Capital, Bank of Georgia Group, and 500 Global. This indicates confidence in Stack's potential from experienced investors.


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Stack on Wefunder 2023
Platform: Wefunder
Security Type: Convertible Note
Valuation: $15,550,000

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