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Sunnyvale, California


Business Services, Software, & Applications

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Techtracker, with a $7.5 million valuation cap, is raising funds on Republic. The company provides technology tracking services on the internet. It allows its clients to find which technology or product a company is using and receive alerts on their installation. The platform has also added keyword scanning capabilities on websites. Jesper Qvist and Loredana Qvist founded Techtracker in October 2020. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding round, with a minimum goal of $25,000 and a maximum goal of $1,070,000, will be used to partner with CRM giants to sell subscriptions, expand the website alerts functionality, and enable engineers to build new applications. Techtracker has tracked over 6,900 technologies, more than 200 million domains, and over 8,500 unique keywords. It has more than 380 customers since its launch in May 2020.

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Financials as of: 12/18/2020
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Due to the sheer size of the internet, it can be challenging for companies to know who is using their technology, how that technology is used, and who else they can market it to. One company that seeks to cut through this uncertainty is Techtracker. This new platform serves as a lead generation and technology tracking application. It operates with the goal of making it easier for companies to understand how their technologies are used.

By crawling websites, Techtracker’s platform collects information about what users are doing. Repurposing this data allows their clients to see which users are downloading which of their technologies. Personal data collected by these means is significant and the use cases for this innovation are many. For instance, the company has made it possible for its users to submit a single URL and see what technologies that website is using. They are also able to upload a CSV of multiple sites to see what their ideal customers use. Users can set Techtracker’s technology to provide them with a notification when someone installs a specific application. They have also enabled a data graph that can be added to a customer’s website or app via API access. The goal here is to increase the quantity and quality of information all for the purpose of empowering sales, marketing, and strategy teams who subscribe to Techtracker’s platform.

Since launching last year, the company has grown to track more than 6,900 technologies. Its search includes more than 200 million domain names and over 8,500 unique keywords. Techtracker’s database also includes more than 10 million phone numbers and 50 million email addresses. This breadth of data has allowed the business to grow to more than 380 customers. Management claims a customer acquisition cost of $78, which stacks up nicely against annual ARPA of $1,263.

The business’s key offerings can be summed up into four different categories. The first of these is its lead generation and enrichment plans. These are priced between $20 and $300 per month. Website alerts alert a subscriber that a customer is testing out a competitor or that it’s about to leave the platform. Pricing here begins at $5 per month and rises to $1,000. Technology alerts, meanwhile, alert a subscriber to a customer testing or when a customer receives a new subscriber itself. Pricing here ranges from $19 per month to $599. The fourth offering involves API connectivity for the express aim of enabling technology lookups. This service is available in exchange for a fee of between $50 and $900 per month. All of these services include a 20% discount for annual subscribers. Outside of these features, the company intends to offer a freemium, ad-supported Google Chrome plugin. It is also exploring what it calls “premium partnerships” — partnerships with networks that will result in personalized experiences for its client’s clients.

Techtracker’s current Republic raise has been rated a Deal to Watch by the KingsCrowd investment team.


Techtracker is raising capital through a SAFE that will convert at a 0% discount to the firm’s next raise. Any conversion would be subject to a valuation cap of $7.5 million. While this valuation is reasonable at first glance, the lack of financial intake for the company does not justify the amount. Its non-existent discount is also discouraging. Due to these factors, Techtracker’s price score is below average.


The market for a platform as unique as Techtracker is difficult to dissect. Broadly speaking, the AI-based marketing technology industry was estimated to be worth about $52.2 billion this year. This figure implies an annualized growth rate since 2016 of 46.2%. A second source we found pegged the industry at about $60.4 billion. That same source suggests that the industry should continue to grow at a rate of about 17.4% per annum through 2027. By that time, the industry’s size should be $158.1 billion in size.

Narrowing in on where Techtracker fits, the industry does, indeed, look smaller. The marketing automation niche, according to one source, is worth about $4.9 billion this year. By 2027, it should grow to $8.6 billion, implying an annualized growth rate of 9.8%. A second source puts the market at $4.3 billion, with an annualized growth rate of 13.9% taking it to $6.4 billion by 2024. Yet a third source we looked at pegs the industry at $6 billion, with an annualized growth rate of 15.7% taking it to $16.87 billion by 2030. This modest size is more than offset by the fast growth and the opportunity of the firm to move into the broader market. Thus, the market score for Techtracker is above average.


The core of the Techtracker team involves two individuals. The first of these is co-founder and CEO Jesper Qvist. At present, he is also a Board Member at both Saleshub and ExactVisitor. Both firms provide web-based tracking or cross-tracking services focused on helping their clients better understand their customers. He is also the Founding Partner of Software Founders, and he was the General Manager and Founder at Salestools. The latter of these provides live data and software services to help companies automate their lead generating process. Prior to that, he was the CEO of, a software CRM business for small and medium-sized firms. All of these experiences are significant regarding Techtracker’s current business model.

The other member of the team worth mentioning is Loredana Qvist, the company’s other co-founder as well as its CRO and Head of Growth. She was also a Founding Partner at Software Founders. Before that, she served as the CEO and Founder of Exact Visitor, and before that she was the CRO of Voogy. The latter of these is a marketing automation platform. Prior to working there, she was employed as the CRO and co-founder of Salestools. Her role immediately prior to that was as the COO and co-founder of, and just before that she worked as an M&A Consultant at Ernst & Young. Almost all of this experience overlaps with Jesper’s. The M&A experience could be especially unique as it could make financial transactions involving the firm more appealing.

Due to the extensive relevant experience of these co-founders, Techtracker’s team score is strong.


Conceptually, Techtracker is an incredibly unique firm. While it’s not the only business that engages in web crawling to collect user data, what makes the company different is its siloed offerings. Each of these touch several different value streams for its customers. Other players like Datanyze and HGData touch on some of Techtracker’s features, but they all fall short on the insights the startup offers. Management also points out Salesforce and Hubspot as competitors. Instead of competing with them, though, its goal is to turn them into strategic partners by partnering up with them. The goal here would be to use their distribution networks and reach to grow their own platform. Due to the many features which set Techtracker apart from its competition, the differentiators score is highest across all five metrics.


Performance for Techtracker has been, in some respects, mixed. Through 2019, the business generated nothing in the way of sales. Since its platform launch in May 2020, though, the company has seen revenue soar. According to management (though not included in any publicly-known financial statements), monthly recurring revenue has now surged to more than $45,000. This year, the company hopes annual recurring revenue to be between $1.5 million and $2 million. In non-financial ways, the company has seen some really great traction. Growing from no users to more than 380 in a short period is impressive. The company’s ability to expand to so many technologies, websites, and other unique data points, is noteworthy. The same can be said of its ability to create so many different offerings over the timeframe the business has been operating. As a result, Techtracker’s performance score is strong.

Bearish Outlook

Though there appears to be a lot to be bullish about regarding Techtracker, there are some bearish items that investors need to consider. First and foremost is the company’s short operating history. This leaves open uncertainty over whether the revenue it has generated so far is sustainable. The market the company operates in is fairly small, which limits upside potential. Another issue is that the valuation of the firm, while not necessarily too high, is lofty when compared to early financials and its discount is discouraging.

Bullish Outlook

While the bearish considerations are very real, the bullish ones seem to outweigh them. The market opportunity, while small, is growing rapidly. The company’s team is robust, and the product is highly differentiated from its peers. Performance has been, in some ways, mixed, but on the whole cannot be described as anything less than positive. This is especially true when you consider the company’s strong MRR and prospects for a great 2021.

Executive Summary

Taking everything together, Techtracker looks to be an attractive prospect overall. The company is growing rapidly in a small, but rapidly-expanding industry. Management is experienced, and the company’s customers are drawn by the value proposition the firm offers. If growth continues, the entity could do very well for itself. But obvious risks, like the uncertainty of continued customer adoption and a small market, could limit upside. In all, though, Techtracker looks like an appealing play for market participants to consider, making it a Deal To Watch.

For questions regarding the KingsCrowd staff pick or ratings for this company, please reach out to

Analysis written by Daniel Jones.

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Techtracker on Republic
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