Update: Vivoo Raises Again

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Earlier this year, we rated Vivoo a Deal To Watch. After raising an early round on Republic, the team has returned to the crowdfunding space with another Republic listing.

A Quick Recap

From nutrition to ancestry, personalized health tests are all the rage. With Vivoo, users can track pH balance, hydration, energy, ketones, immunity, liver and kidney health, and UTIs from urine readings. And there’s no need to wait or send the samples back to a lab. Vivoo users simply scan a strip with a phone for immediate feedback. Strips also come in multipacks so users get the most up to date and accurate tracking over time.

Vivoo also uses the measurements to provide recommendations. For example, “your pH balance is more acidic than normal – try eating plums this week to alkalize” and “your immune system is weakened – drink a cup of hibiscus tea to give it a boost.”

Last time we saw Vivoo, the team had established several impressive B2B2C pipelines — including Bayer, Mitsubishi Electric, Bulu Box, TheraBox, as well as gyms across the country.

Growing Traction

At the time of Vivoo’s last raise, 30k stips had been distributed. They are now at over 100k. The team boasts 20k unique users and 30k community members, versus 6k and 10k in the previous campaign, respectively. In addition, they now have 1500+ paying subscribers, a massive jump from the 500 they had in February.

Terms Update

Though not much time has passed between Vivoo’s raises, potential investors should note that the company’s valuation has doubled from $7.5M in the last raise to $15M for the current raise. This kind of multiple may seem drastic, but it’s justified given the impressive uptick in traction. Also of note, the security type is now a Crowd SAFE as opposed to the preferred equity offering in the last round. The discount sits at 20 percent.


As we concluded in our Deal to Watch report, “Investors are bullish on the future of digital health, and the industry appears far from hitting an investment bubble. Health and wellness encompasses so many unique niches that are under-researched and prime for innovation, and IPO or acquisition activity in the space is hot. In sum, it’s a good time to be a digital health investor.”

In addition, “Vivoo resembles many cutting-edge startups that have scaled massively toward IPO, or been acquired by other tech companies; the future is bright for Vivoo investors, making it a Deal to Watch.”

Our team of analysts remains bullish towards Vivoo, but investors should be aware of the massive change in valuation. This is not to say that the change is not justified, especially in the wake of such impressive traction over a very short period of time. This exponential growth shows promise for investors despite the steeper valuation. 

Finally, it should be noted that the last round closed in just 48 days. This deal is hot, so get in on Vivoo while you still can.

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Update: Vivoo Raises Again
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