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Azure Printed Homes Company Update

In this company update, we look at Azure Printed Homes’ new crowdfunding round on Wefunder at a $40M valuation, reflecting on the company's improving margins and other important milestones.

Funding Round Details

Azure Printed Homes logo
Company: Azure Printed Homes
Security Type: SAFE
Valuation: $40,000,000
Min Investment: $100
Platform: Wefunder
Deadline: Jun 30, 2024
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  • Azure Printed Homes has opened a new round on Wefunder at a valuation of $40M, up 25% from its previous crowdfunding round of $32M.
  • Since this is not a priced round, no previous SAFEs are converting
  • Since the last crowdfunding raise, the company has increased revenue by just 7.5%, to $4.3M in 2023 from $4M in 2022. For an early stage startup, this is far less than the 50% minimum growth we’d expect to see from a growth stage startup.  
  • During this same time period, the company increased its net loss by 47% to -$1.2M in 2023 from -$818,193 in 2022. 
  • However, the company has seen a remarkable increase in its gross margins, up to 61.5% margins in 2023 from 19% in 2022. Given the high capital/material intensity required for 3D-homes, this kind of margin growth is amazing to see and bodes very well for the company moving forward. 
  • In terms of run rate, the company is currently averaging $350,000 in revenue per month. This implies a 12-month run rate of $4.2M in revenue, which would be essentially the same amount of revenue as 2023. 
  • Of course, the company could expand and grow quicker in the coming months, so this run rate calculation is just a rough guidance. 
  • Azure’s previous crowdfunding round ended January 2023. Since then, the company has achieved the following milestones:
    • Achieved ANSI Certification
    • Filed International patent
    • Completed & commissioned first Azure printer in LA
    • Raised $4M+ in Seed funding
    • Printed & delivered first units in California
    • Opened Azure HQ with 3 printers

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