In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino talks with Manish Kapoor, the founder and CEO of TruKno, a cybersecurity startup. They discuss the unique AI-driven cybersecurity approach TruKno uses, the team’s diverse background, their journey to find product-market fit, the company’s current fundraising efforts, and more.

Topics include…

  • How TruKno uses advanced AI algorithms to filter out irrelevant information and only present the most critical threats to its clients (02:28)
  • Two use cases where the company feels it has achieved good product-market fit and experiments with other potential uses (13:10)
  • The team behind TruKno, which consists of employees with diverse backgrounds and skills, spanning across four continents and speaking 11 languages (14:29)
  • Current fundraising efforts, including how TruKno plans to use funds (15:53)
  • The solution for maintaining customer stickiness and upselling (18:13)
  • How TruKno could potentially be an acquisition target for larger cybersecurity firms (20:58)
  • The importance of being in the right space at the right time (22:35).