Podcasts - June 22, 2023

Ep. 72 – Linh Dao Smooke

In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino interviews Linh Dao Smooke, the chief operating officer of HackerNoon. HackerNoon is a platform where technologists publish their stories. Chris and Linh delve into the origins of HackerNoon, the platform’s community-focused approach, and its ability to empower writers to monetize their content. Linh provides insight into their partnerships, funding, future vision, and her advice for potential writers who wish to contribute to HackerNoon.

Topics include…

  • The early days of HackerNoon, including how the company was founded and its primary goal (11:27)
  • HackerNoon’s decision to move away from Medium and the importance of owning their content and creating a user-friendly interface (12:55)
  • HackerNoon’s community-focused approach and the advantages of its small team, (18:46)
  • HackerNoon’s future vision (20:43).

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