Here’s an encapsulated overview of the investment flow, dominant platforms, and industry forerunners for Q3 2023:

  • Investors committed $127.5 million to startups online this quarter, marking a slight decrease from the second quarter of 2023 when commitments totaled $127.9 million.
  • 335 new deals went live this quarter, down from 370 in the year’s second quarter.
  • The top equity platform for the quarter is StartEngine, with $38 million invested, passing Dalmore Group, the top platform in the second quarter.
  • Honeycomb saw the most money go into debt deals this quarter. Investments totaled $2.3 million.
  • This quarter Energy, Power, & Natural Resources had the most committed capital for equity raises of all the industries tracked with $16.5 million.
  • For debt deals, Media, Entertainment and Publishing was the most popular industry, accounting for $2.9 million in capital.